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Jul 22, 2014

Oh yes! Prizes & Sweepstakes

*Update, Survey is now closed, thank you to everyone who participated and we will be in touch regarding vouchers and Sweepstakes results*

Hi All,

Have you ever completed one of those personality surveys that try their best to define you? I always have this idea that they are going to say I am cool, calm and adaptable but you know what always comes up “opinionated” so I have decided to use my most dominant trait for the good of mankind and complete all different types of surveys. Ask me to take a survey and I am there, I recently completed a survey about the effects of lighting ambience on my mood. But not everybody is like me and some need an awesome incentive to complete a survey and so that’s what we at Adobe have done.

We are conducting a study regarding Adobe software and services. If you are an Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement customer (ETLA) that manages over 50 seats then we are asking that you take 20 minutes to complete the survey below. Adobe is trying to get as much feedback as possible. In appreciation of your time for completing the survey, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and be entered into a Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of two (2) iPad Airs.

My gestation aside, this has always been a great forum for feedback and this is a great opportunity to have your voice heard.

Here is the link to the survey

We are only leaving the survey open for a short time and for a set amount of people so please complete at your earliest convenience.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools


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