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Oct 15, 2014

Creative Cloud Packager 1.7- A release with a twist 

Everybody loves a good twist right ! Remember a certain film where the characters thought they were on a different planet, when it turns out they were on earth all along. What about that other film where the characters thought the best way to power a city was through the screams of children and then it turns out laughter was actually a better source of power, mind blowing twists people.

So what is our twist I hear you asking. Well today we are releasing Creative Cloud Packager 1.7 which has two new features. The first is a tweak to the UI to increase the prominence of the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Along with this change we have also introduced a new feature that provides the IT admin with the ability to disable the Apps panel of the Creative Cloud Desktop app. This allows IT to maintain control of application & updates whilst enabling there end users to access Creative Cloud services.


So the twist. We are embarking on a change to how we approach packaging. The first phase of this change has gone live today.

From speaking with IT admins over all these years what has become apparent is that in global organizations, what frequently happens is that IT admins tend to work in silos. Each packaging up their own software and updates and deploying to the machines they manage. Depending on the tool you are using there is little to no visibility of what other admins in your organization are including in their package. We would like to change this and encourage IT to be more collaborative. This will also have a positive effect on standardization.

Another aspect is that IT are not always aware that there are updates available for their package. Up to now the only way to get this information was to go to a blog that we host.

So with Creative Cloud Packager 1.7 we are introducing a new feature where your package metadata will be available to view in the Enterprise Dashboard for members in your organization.

This means when you or another admin in your organization create a package with CCP 1.7 and then logs in to the Enterprise Dashboard you/they will be able to see a consolidated view of packages that will contain the following information

Package Name

Package Contents

Package Created by/on

OS package was created for

If the package is up to date

Configuration options

What updates are available for this package

CCP Dashboard Live


For now this view is for informative purposes only and any interaction with the package itself needs to happen on the desktop and within CCP.

Note: For now this feature is only available in the Enterprise Dashboard.

So that’s our twist ! As I mentioned above this is the first phase and we have some truly amazing plans to transform the packaging experience as we enter in to 2015.

Finally as you may have seen on Twitter @Adobe_ITToolkit we are proud to be sponsoring the JAMF National User Conference again this year. I will be presenting on Wednesday 22nd October 3:30pm-4:30pm. We will be covering what the overall Creative Cloud Enterprise offering means to IT admins. I will also be joined on stage by Sachin Porwal , Computer Scientist for CCP and the always inspiring/controversial Jody Rodgers.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools




  • By John Welch - 10:19 AM on October 15, 2014   Reply

    Oooooh….oh that is sweet

  • By Mathias G. - 2:30 AM on October 20, 2014   Reply

    Hey Gibson,
    could you summarize what it’s all about with the Enterprise Dashboard? Who has access to it…?
    Is it just for Creative Cloud for enterprise users (as the name states)?
    We use Adobe for Teams an want to enroll it for 60 Clients (12 diffrent Programmsettings) and we are using the CCP 1.7.
    When I try to enter Ent. Dashboard it just says ‘Access Denied’…
    What I see up there in the screenshot you attatched to this blog entry, I would love to use that tool, as it would save me a ton of work…

    I am looking forward to a message…

    Greetings from Germany


    • By Karl Gibson - 1:41 PM on October 30, 2014   Reply

      Hi Mathias,
      Nice second naming ha. The Enterprise dashboard is for Creative Cloud Enterprise customers only. Team customers will continue to use the Team portal to administer their users. The functionality does differ between the portals. The functionality of the enterprise dashboard is more geared towards managing a larger user base than would be expected in the teams offering.

      If you have any other questions just let me know.

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By Ric Getter - 12:25 PM on October 24, 2014   Reply

    1.7 looks really good and this is going to be a great feature for our multi-campus district. However, when can we expect to see the deployment data begin to populate? I have dedicated package-builders for Windows and Mac with CCP 1.7 installed and tis page on my Enterprise Dashboard is still coming up empty.

    • By Karl Gibson - 1:36 PM on October 30, 2014   Reply

      Hi Ric,
      The metadata will populate immediately after you create or modify a package with CCP 1.7.

      Please let me know if this is not happening.

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By BW~Merlin - 7:27 PM on October 26, 2014   Reply

    This packager is still broken for us, we ended up having to copying the set-up.dat file from our older package and replacing the set-up.dat file in packages created by CCP 1.6 and 1.7

  • By S - 12:36 AM on November 19, 2014   Reply

    The packager for windows doesnt work on our network, yet the packager for mac does… seriously fix your stuff

  • By Steveo - 4:59 PM on December 9, 2014   Reply

    Hey in CCP1.7 on Windows we cannot untick the box for Creative Cloud Desktop App as it has been grayed out.

    We do not need to deploy this app. How can we enable this check box. Or do we need to continue to use 1.6?

    • By Karl Gibson - 8:09 AM on December 10, 2014   Reply

      Hi Steve,
      Creative Cloud Team customers receive the Creative Cloud Desktop app as part of the the install as they are always entitled to services which the desktop app provides. If your users do not have admin privileges on there system then it is possible to disable the Apps panel component of the Creative Cloud Desktop app. However disable the application itself is no longer possible.

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By Steve - 3:43 PM on February 4, 2015   Reply

    Hi Karl this is great but we do not want to make use of the feature that are available in the CC Desktop App. It would really be nice to not include this feature. Also we have done a removal of an CC product with the CC Desktop App installed. We noticed that CC Desktop App is still installed, then we tried to remove it silently but we are unable to do this there is no switches which I can find. Any tips??? Or is it possible to install an older version of CC Packager?


  • By Zap - 7:59 AM on August 5, 2015   Reply

    So is there another way to disable the Desktop App client in the new 1.7 packager?? Or is that the real twist?? In our environment we do not want the Desktop app. We have our own hybrid cloud environment. You are forcing corporations to get its users to save their data in your cloud. You have no central mgmt tools to help us manage these personal storage folders to remove the synced local folders once those users leave the company or how to notify us when a folder expires without us being an admin for each account. It is a mess that you want us to manage.

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