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Jan 14, 2015

Issue with CCP offline Mac Deployments

*Update 15/01/15*

We have now released CCP 1.8 which includes a fix for this issue. If you have created a package in the last 24 hours on Mac then we would suggest modifying this package by using CCP 1.8. You do not need to add any products or updates, simply following the screens will update the package with the latest core components and the fix will be applied.

Hi All,

Normally I would try to write something witty and topical but let me get straight to the point on this one.

We have just discovered a new issue affecting CCP that has been caused by an overnight release.

Who is this affecting

Creative Cloud Packager Mac customers who create new packages or have updated existing packages since last night 13/01

Who is this not affecting

This is not affecting Windows customers. It is not affecting any existing packages that where created/modified with CCP before 13/01. It is not affecting customers who have client systems online even if they created or edited packages since 13/01.

What is the Issue

When deploying a newly created or modified CCP Mac package to a client system that is offline and not connected to the internet the package is failing.


No workaround at this time


We have identified a fix for this issue and are urgently working to implement. The fix will be in the form of a CCP desktop client update (1.8) as always users are prompted to update on launch. Right now this is scheduled for Monday 20th January however we are trying our best to bring this date in if possible.


So in essence we are asking CCP Mac customers to hold off on creating new CCP packages or editing existing packages until 1.8 comes out.

We will keep this blog up to date as well as Twitter @Adobe_ITToolkit


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools


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