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Nov 6, 2015

Yo ho ho and an update to RUM

Hi All,

Remote Update Manager (RUM) is a tool conceived of at a JNUC many moons ago in a bar (most likely grumpies) when times were simpler and my beard was still for the most part ginger and not greying as it is now. Unfortunately since it’s inception we have not really expanded on RUM’s core functionality due to higher priority items in the backlog. When it was confirmed that we were once again sponsoring and presenting at JNUC, I was keen to showcase some new RUM functionality. The presentation , which can be found here, went well and we received great feedback on the new functionality and also some suggestions for tweaks which we promptly incorporated.

New Features

  • Ability to list what updates are available for client
  • Ability to download updates to be installed later
  • Increased vebosity in the logs. We show specifically what succeeds or fails.
  • Better support for console logging
  • Version information now displays in the terminal

We are not planning to do another release of CCP for a little while but I was keen to get this in the hands of IT admins and so I am taking the slightly unorthodox step of posting here. Once you download the binary you can deploy in the following ways

  • You can copy the RUM binary manually to your existing clients,
  • Inject the binary into an existing CCP package (Resources folder on mac and Build on windows)
  • Replace the binary on the machine you do your CCP packaging on (ccp\utilities\RemoteUpdateManager) This will ensure the latest version of RUM is added to all new packages you create.

When we do another revision of CCP we will of course incorporate this latest version. Hopefully these updates will prove useful for you and I am excited to see what IT admins do with it.

RUM documentation can be found here

Download links




Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Creative Cloud Enterprise


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