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Jun 15, 2016

Creative Cloud Package 1.9.5 is live – Redesigned installer technology plus much more

Hi All,

As Staind once said “It’s been awhile”. The last update had some exciting information regarding support for multi language packages and Acrobat workflow improvements. This update is also quite exciting, of course context is everything and so when I say exciting I mean as exciting as a post about a redesigned installer technology can possibly be, so put down that big inflatable party finger.

We have today released a number of updates for the Enterprise IT Tools. For a quick summary please have a look at the video below (monotone is for life not just videos)

Alternative Video Link:

If you are more of a text person then this bit is for you

Creative Cloud Packager (1.9.5) (Release Notes)

The main focus for this release was to support a completely redesigned version of Adobe’s proprietary installer technology. We are really excited about the capabilities that can be seen in this first phase of the redesign but also the long term capabilities we can provide to customers. For today however the headline feature for this change is that we have

  • Cut the install time of the Creative Cloud applications by roughly 50%.

In most cases it is actually more the 50% which is quite an astonishing improvement.

  • Updates for these products will now also be full installers.

Meaning when you package an update for a product you will now see a new icon updater icon. When you see this icon it means the installer can be used to install the update on a system that has the software already but also on a system that does not already have the base version. The installer redesign means smaller packages so the difference between the previous patch versions and new full installers is negligible but it does mean you no longer need to have both update packages and base version installs.

Over the next little while you will see the Creative Cloud products adopting the installer changes and we have a list documented on our help page.

  • Added support for Adobe Experience design in CCP

You can now use CCP to package the Adobe Experience design Preview


It is great to be able to release a few new features for AUSST our beloved tool for hosting an internal update server.

  • Added support for application binaries.

As I mentioned above updates now have a dual purpose and so we have leveraged this to also allow AUSST to support application binaries. In the context of a workflow, if your end users are using the Creative Cloud desktop application for self service then when they go to install let’s say the latest version of Photoshop and you have an internal server then the application will actually install via your internal server versus going out to Adobe every time to download the application bits. We have plans to allow more granularity with AUSST so you can specify just the application you want to sync versus all applications so look out for this soon.

  • Support for Acrobat DC updates (Windows only)

This has been a feature requested for quite some time so we are delighted that AUSST now allows you to host updates for both Creative Cloud and Acrobat. We are working hard to add support for Mac updates so expect this is the not too distant future.

Deployment dashboard

As you hopefully know, within the Enterprise Dashboard we have a deployment section that facilitates the download of pre-created packages.

  • Pre-Created packages for all applications

We have now tweaked the logic so you see not just the applications you purchased but all applications. Previously if you just purchased Creative Cloud complete but only wanted a Photoshop package you would need to use CCP. Now we show you all packages so you can choose the ones you specifically want.

  • Cut the time it takes for customisation by up to 30%


Actually….. I take it back. This is something to get excited about.  Pick up that big inflatable party finger and wave it like you just don’t care.

party finger

Finally (told you that you should have watched the video) we are really excited to be sponsoring the 2016 MacAdmins conference at Penn State and so I look forward to seeing you all there.


Karl Gibson | Senior Product Manager | Creative Cloud Enterprise



  • By Fredrick Lemmon - 2:44 PM on August 23, 2016   Reply

    Why is this tidbit not being shared more since it’s so significant? –

    Can I edit an existing package?
    No. Since Creative Cloud Packager 1.9.5, editing packages is not supported.

    Now in order to make changes to a deployment I have to rebuild the entire 6GB package over again?

  • By Don Montalvo - 12:21 AM on September 6, 2016   Reply

    Finally able to create an up to date installer, AND add Offline Media if/when there is a patch that is only available via download.

    Great work, thanks!


  • By BW~Merlin - 4:13 PM on September 21, 2016   Reply

    I am so keen to try this 50%+ reduction in install time especially if I can leverage the adobe desktop app for self service with AUSST.

  • By Jammers Pro - 12:27 PM on September 22, 2016   Reply

    Exactly. I have to agree with Montaldo. This is just awesome. Thanks.

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