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Apr 26, 2017

Create custom packages in the Enterprise console

Hello there,

It has been a while since I wrote on the blog and you may have noticed some other contributors. This will hopefully become a more frequent occurrence. This blog was previously solely focused on install and deployment of the Creative Cloud applications. While we will continue to blog about install and deployment we must recognize that deployment can mean many things to many people. For instance the previous blog about the user sync tool is important information for all Adobe customers dealing with identity not just Creative Cloud. So I hope everyone will appreciate us up-leveling things slightly and providing a more holistic view of deployment.

Now, on with my post.

In 2016 we added the capability within the Enterprise dashboard to download pre-created packages (Adobe Templates). This meant that those that decided to continue to utilize a managed install approach versus self service could now download the packages directly from the dashboard in one click versus downloading Creative Cloud Packager for Windows and Mac, opening ports etc and creating packages.

This has proved very successful and we have received great feedback on the time this saves admins, especially those working in a disbursed environment across multiple geo’s. What we have also seen from empirical data and heard from customer engagements is a significant proportion of admins still like to create their own custom packages which include the specific applications they require. As of yesterday admins performing this task still utilized CCP.

Today we are launching new functionality in the enterprise console that allows the admin to create customized packages from within the console itself. You can still utilize the Adobe Templates, but if you want to create a customized package then you can do so without downloading CCP. This will save admins a significant amount of time. Again this is about choices and providing the admin with the tools they require for their environment and workflow.

Below are some screen grabs of the feature in action.

Invoke this functionality from the “Create” button

First step: Choose your configuration options

Second step: Select the applications you wish to include

Third step: Name your package, review your configuration and build.


As they said good things come in three’s. So three simple steps to create your package.

Please feel free to provide feedback by leaving comments or by sending us a tweet.


Karl Gibson | Senior Product Manager | Creative Cloud for Business

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  • By Rob LaRose - 3:11 PM on April 27, 2017   Reply

    Hi Karl,

    Is there an option to create a serialized package or a license-only package?

  • By Don Montalvo - 7:27 PM on May 4, 2017   Reply

    I had the same question. Can we serialize these packages online. Also can we select the option to not include Adobe Creative Cloud, force no updates, etc?

    Hope to see you at JNUC2017!

    Thanks, Don

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