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Aug 1, 2017

Creative Cloud Packager 1.12 update issue on Windows

Hi All,

We recently discovered a bug in the Windows release of CCP 1.12. We wanted to ensure that admins were proactively notified and provided with a fix prior to experiencing the issue.


The updater components contained in CCP 1.12 for windows contain a bug that prevents the updating of Creative Cloud Packager to a newer version.


When a new update becomes available if the end user has previously configured Creative Cloud Packager to auto-update, the product will automatically try and update on launch and will fail. If the end user has not configured auto-update and selects to install the update then the update will fail.


We require users to download (zip file) and install the latest version of CCP for Windows (1.13). Please ensure that you quit the Creative Cloud packager application prior to running the installer. Once the update is installed the issue will be resolved.

For more information, you can visit our help page

We apologize and hope this does not cause you any inconvenience


Karl Gibson | Senior Product Manager | Creative Cloud for Business


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