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Oct 11, 2017

New package functionality in the Admin Console

Hi All,

I am happy to announce we have just gone live with some new functionality in the “Packages” section of the admin console. Extensibility is a critical component of many enterprise workflows. Enterprises have many proprietary extensions and plugins that are required for their creative end users. To date packaging of applications and installation of extensions required two separate steps. The first, to package up the products you need and the second to install/deploy each individual extension you need by using the ex-man command line tool. IT admins have asked for us to simplify this workflow which is what we have done.

Live in production now is the option to create a package from the console and select to include extensions. When this option is selected, we will

  • Download and include the latest version of the extension manager command line tool.
  • Create a new folder in the package where you can add all your extensions
  • At the time of deployment, install all the included applications and install all the included extensions in one step

This will save the IT admin valuable time by reducing the steps involved in the deployment process.

This is the first step in our goal to improve the administrative capability for deploying add-ons/extensions.

For more information on this functionality please view the help documentation here

The second part of this release is an enhancement to the update workflow within the “Packages” section of the admin console. Previously when you created a package and updates became available for the package we notified you of what updates were available but you needed to create a new package and find the applicable updates, essentially it was not contextual.

We have simplified this workflow so when you click on the package that needs updates there is a new option for “update package” this will provide you with two options, create a package with just the updates or create a package with the updates and non-updated products. This will again hopefully save the admin time and reduce the chances of repetitive strain injury.

Thanks for your time



Karl Gibson | Senior Product Manager | Creative Cloud for Business



  • By BW~Merlin - 10:13 PM on October 11, 2017   Reply

    Will we ever get the ability to make a package that contains a serial license rather than a named license?

    • By Jason Katsoff - 5:54 AM on November 16, 2017   Reply

      Hi BW-Merlin,
      You can still build serialized packages via Creative Cloud Packager (CCP). The package creation tools in the Admin Console are for named-user licensing.


  • By Mauricio Pellizzon - 5:02 AM on February 14, 2018   Reply

    Hello Karl
    Thanks for the updates and improvements on the Admin console.
    We have implemented the automation process as per page ( in our workflow for the Mac. Is this going to be still supported or added to the Admin console?
    We have a standard naming convention and version control/approval process and we would like as few clicks as possible, as you said “This will again hopefully save the admin time and reduce the chances of repetitive strain injur”.
    Any input about automation of the packages creation will be very beneficial.

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