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Nov 16, 2017

Introducing Asset Settings, the New Enterprise Security Feature for Protecting Your Assets.

Guest Blog by Christina Chang, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Creative Cloud enterprise.

Asset Settings is a new feature in the Adobe Admin Console that gives organizations more control over their security and data ownership. Now administrators can define how employees share organization-owned assets in Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud with people outside the organization.


How the Asset Settings feature works

There are three options within Asset Settings (in order of least to most restrictive).

1. No restrictions: This is the default setting whereby users are allowed to share public links and collaborate on shared folders with anyone inside or outside the organization.

2. No public link sharing: Restricts public link sharing and other public publish options. Users can still collaborate on folders and documents with individuals outside of the organization.

3. Sharing only to domain users: Restricts public link sharing and other public publish options. Users can use invitation-based folder and document sharing ONLY with individuals belonging to claimed domains, trusted domains, and whitelisted domains.


With this first release of Asset Settings, restrictions are applied at the organization level. Administrators can change their selection under Asset Settings at any time. However, selecting a restrictive option can disable past sharing activities permanently. Each time No public link sharing is selected, all existing public links are removed and users with these links can no longer

access the linked content. Each time Sharing only to domain users is selected, all existing folder or document collaborations are revoked permanently in addition to public links being removed.


Consider which option is best for your organization

Each organization has its philosophy on corporate control of assets, whether those assets are being worked on by employees or contractors. Take the time to consider how your users share assets today, what capabilities they need to be successful, and what control your organization needs to stay protected. Choosing wisely from the start can help your creative and business end users work more effectively.

No restrictions is recommended for enterprises who trust their employees to have complete freedom and control, along with full access to every Creative Cloud and Document Cloud feature. No public link sharing is recommended for enterprises who want to prevent accidental public sharing outside of the organization but still want access to some collaboration features. Sharing only to domain users is recommended for enterprises who need tight control over which external domains specifically can access organization assets.


How to Access Asset Settings

The Asset Settings feature is only available if your Adobe apps and services have been deployed and managed through the Adobe Admin Console. Also known as named user deployment, this method of licensing requires each user to have a log-in. End users benefit by getting access to the latest desktop apps, mobile apps, new apps such as Adobe XD, and cloud collaboration services—greatly improving productivity, agility and time to market.

The Adobe Admin Console benefits the IT organization by providing a single console with full transparency into the management and assignments of Adobe products, apps and services. This simplifies anniversary and contract renewals, as well as streamlines license administration by automatically connecting to identification and authorization systems such as Active Directory. You will also have the option to enable Creative Cloud and Document Cloud services with corporate control of assets across those services.

If you have not migrated from serial number licensing to named user deployment, please schedule a free session with our Onboarding Specialists.

Learn how to start using Asset Settings 

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  • By Jim Sanders - 1:11 AM on February 6, 2018   Reply

    Hi Karl Gibson,

    This is only for enterprises or any individuals who can use it – just like other cloud sharing services? Users which are currently using serial number licensing can get access to this feature? or they must have to move to user deployment ?