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Aug 2, 2018

New Feature of the Admin Console: Content Logs

Just released as a new feature of the Admin Console, content logs give organizations added visibility into company resources stored in Adobe’s cloud storage solutions.

Administrators can download content logs directly from the Admin Console to view how their users are interacting with company-owned assets stored in Creative Cloud or Document Cloud.

For example, organizations can leverage content logs to see if a given asset was downloaded prior to a leak of intellectual property, or to understand if company-owned assets are being shared more widely than desired.

To create a content logs report, an administrator logs into their Admin Console, and goes to the Settings panel. Then, in the Content logs tab, the administrator selects “Create Report” and specifies a date range to generate a .csv file report. When ready, a notification email is sent to the administrator. A maximum of 90 days of content logs will be downloadable at a time. The report will remain downloadable for seven days before being automatically removed from the Admin Console.

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