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Sep 24, 2018

Protecting Valuable Intellectual Property with Enterprise or Federated IDs

Adobe understands that protecting your enterprise business, agency or institution’s assets, files and documents is critical. As an enterprise customer, you manage, control and protect Creative Cloud and Document Cloud entitlements and intellectual property via the Adobe Admin Console.

During Admin Console set-up, you decide the identity type—Adobe ID, Enterprise ID or Federated ID— for your user to ensure appropriate ownership of this intellectual property. We recommend enterprise organizations choose Enterprise ID or Federated ID to control account and data ownership.

Another reason we recommend Enterprise ID or Federated ID is certain enterprise features are not possible with Adobe ID. These features include:

  1. Content logs: download a log file showing how assets are being used. Learn More>
  2. Asset Settings: control how your users save and share assets. Learn More>


Account Ownership  Data Ownership Enterprise Features
Adobe ID User User No
Enterprise ID Enterprise Enterprise Yes
Federated ID Enterprise Enterprise Yes


Migrating Identities:

If you need to transition Adobe ID to Enterprise ID or Federated ID, you can automate this process. Please see this document to learn how to migrate:


Check Identities:

If you don’t know what identity method you originally chose, follow these instructions:

Go to your user tab in the Admin Console and choose Admin console -> Users. You then export a user list to CSV and you can view the configured identity types.


Claim Domain:

One very important step many organizations don’t know about is the process to claim a domain. This is required to provide Enterprise ID or Federated ID. Learn how to claim a domain:



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