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September 8, 2017 / Creative Business /

Creative director Chris Doyle on the power of small agencies

Internationally recognised designer Chris Doyle received this little piece of advice when opening his own agency – never call yourself small.

Create Protected PDFs from Microsoft Office

Easily prevent people from editing and copying information from your file. Restrict the way people use your PDF file right from within Microsoft Office applications on Windows.

Small businesses increase technology spending to take on bigger rivals

As consumers seek out more compelling customer experiences, SMBs are realising that they need to be more like big businesses when it comes to technology investment.

Small business invests for the digital future

As business focus moves from ‘customer service’ to the higher plane of ‘customer experience’ – which increasingly means across multiple channels and touch points – SMBs are responding to both the challenge and the opportunity to transform their businesses for the new digital marketplace.

How do I… Send and Track Large Files with Acrobat DC?

How do you send large files with confidence? How do you track files to ensure the recipient downloaded the content? Check out Acrobat DC’s powerful Send & Track tool.