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Gearing up for Baidu SEO

Baidu-specific SEO is a key step that need not be intimidating. It is a simply different environment with its own special considerations, and in some cases, different methods, and tools. This post will attempt to tackle these larger issues head-on (beginning where the last post in this series left off) before we roll up our sleeves and address the groups of individual tactics.

China Search Engine Qihoo 360 SEO

create highly original content because duplicate content is penalized according to Baidu’s example. Limit title tags to 70 characters, or 35 simplified Chinese characters. Reign in meta descriptions to under 156 characters (78 in simplified Chinese). Stick to 3-5 meta keywords, and don’t be surprised if meta keywords disappear next year.

Email Marketing in APAC

It’s crucial to understand that email is not and never will be a stand-alone all-in-one solution, as is true of any internet marketing tool. It is, instead, a component of a well-rounded arsenal in the marketer’s tool bag, and one not to be dismissed or underestimated.

SEO, the Global Language of Digital Marketing Communication

SEO is the common language and universal customer touch point for all digital marketing activities.

SEO Mobilegeddon Impact On Asia

APAC is a mobile dominant market and video is an effective marketing technique for that market. Video SEO must be done well so that the search engine indexes the text that describes the image.

Mobile Video Marketing SEO in Asia

Search engine optimization (SEO) touches everything that has to do with marketing. Video marketing is no different. If you want your content to be found in response to a search query, mobile, smartphone or otherwise, do your SEO well, review it often, measure its performance and adjust with the algorithmic variances introduced by the search engines in their random, largely unannounced implementations.

Google is Not the Only Option for SEO in Asia

In Asia, there are search engines other than Google that can bring a flood of traffic to your website. As an online marketer, you need to add these search engines to your SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation and PPC: Creating a Balance

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