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E-signatures are driving the digital transformation agenda

The recent passage of the Electronic Transactions Legislation Amendment (Government Transactions) Bill 2017 in NSW Parliament are proof e-signatures are fast becoming a key driver in the way Australian citizens interact with both government and the private sector.

Meet Adobe Scan: the free scan app with text recognition superpowers

A new free app, Adobe Scan turns your mobile device into an intelligent scanning and text-recognition tool, taking document creation to the next level.

Pass by procurement pain points with e-signatures

Procuring the right products and services is vital for business success, but for many organisations, purchasing is still mired in administrative overheads and lengthy approvals. Streamlining authorisation processes and improving contract visibility, e-Signature technology creates a user-friendly experience for the procurement team and external vendors.

Putting an end to paper-based signing

For the Strategic IT business line, switching to e-signatures could cause a cost-saving cascade throughout your business and improve internal processes.

Move with the times: is this the end of the ‘wet signature’?

It’s more than three decades since we first began to imagine a paperless home and office, and more than two since the internet afforded the potential for digital transactions to streamline business interactions – relegating paper forms to a thing of the past.

It’s time for Australian businesses to embrace eSignatures

The Adobe eSignatures Australian Market Study found that by 2020 Australians will perform 100 million eSignature transactions annually.