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The one thing to make this year better than the last: Naomi Simson

Get insights from Naomi Simson, founding director of Australian online tech success story RedBalloon and Redii on business productivity.

Pass by procurement pain points with e-signatures

Procuring the right products and services is vital for business success, but for many organisations, purchasing is still mired in administrative overheads and lengthy approvals. Streamlining authorisation processes and improving contract visibility, e-Signature technology creates a user-friendly experience for the procurement team and external vendors.

Ending the time-consuming paper chase

Archaic paper-based processes still feature heavily in the time old art of selling. This approach is at odds with today’s digital-led business landscape where the delivery of a seamless customer experience is paramount.

Putting an end to paper-based signing

For the Strategic IT business line, switching to e-signatures could cause a cost-saving cascade throughout your business and improve internal processes.

February 14, 2017 / Creative Business /

Helping The Viral Fever deliver compelling content for the online entertainment space

See how Adobe Creative Cloud helped The Viral Fever create compelling and high-quality content for some of the country’s most successful web series.

Move with the times: is this the end of the ‘wet signature’?

It’s more than three decades since we first began to imagine a paperless home and office, and more than two since the internet afforded the potential for digital transactions to streamline business interactions – relegating paper forms to a thing of the past.