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There are many viewpoints as to what content velocity actually is. A quick Google search defines it as essentially the speed at which we create and produce content, the speed of the publishing process itself, and the speed of change in content requirements. That is, what we need to produce, and how we deliver it.

When I talk about content velocity, I tend to focus on the relationship between the marketer and the creative, looking at how the marketer engages with the creative or agency to get the content they need to produce the materials for a successful cross-channel campaign.

As we know, the days of one message, carefully crafted and used across all marketing efforts, are long gone. Today, our customers interact with brands digitally through different channels and expect a relevant, compelling experience on each one.

Getting the right experience to the right person at the right time requires not only a personalisation platform like Adobe Marketing Cloud but an exponential increase in content to fuel these personalised, cross-platform experiences.

You can increase content velocity through efficient production, organisation, and asset assembly and sharing. This will then produce branded work that targets and engages your customers through their channel and device of choice.

Returning more to business

When you get it right, you’ll achieve deeper, more lasting relationships with your customers, and see measurable business results.

I find what is keeping my customers up at night right now, is the search for ways to deliver greater business return by improving their own customer experiences.

They want to implement a customer-first business, deliver greater personalisation, and leverage their own design advantage, all without increasing costs or adding resources. Marketers understand that to do this they need to deliver greater volumes of different content.

So what are the important things that will enable marketers to stay ahead of the rapidly changing digital business landscape? I believe customer experiences are intertwined with their expectation of a brand. Naomi Le Get, Analytics Principal at Lens10, summed it up perfectly in a recent article on “You can build once and build great, but you can’t build once and build right. ‘Right’ is always changing. Build so you can optimise.”

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Creative Business

Posted on 07-22-2016

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