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Archaic paper-based processes still feature heavily in the time old art of selling. This approach is at odds with today’s digital-led business landscape where the delivery of a seamless customer experience is paramount.

Executive sales leaders, faced with ongoing pressure to deliver revenue growth, must find new ways to optimise the sales process and increase their sales teams’ efficiency.

One of the most obvious ways to achieve this is to relieve the sales business line of its reliance on paper and move towards creating an all-digital experience end-to-end, such as that provided by Adobe Sign. According to Forbes Insights research, e-signature technology gives sales reps immediate access to the latest documents – which may include everything from collateral marketing materials to user manuals to contracts – and allows them to view them on any device, such as a tablet or phone, on location.

During the later stages of a sale, relying on paper documents to complete a deal is still the status quo for the majority. In this digital era, however, it is common for delayed mail or personal document delivery to cost a business revenue and salespeople commissions.

Research from Forrester Consulting shows that companies that automate late sales cycle activities – such as contract generation and signature approvals – close more deals, have shorter sales cycles and higher customer retention rates. e-signature solutions such as Adobe Sign can help facilitate a five-time faster deal closure. They can also reduce the costs of sales and increase operational efficiency, enabling sales reps to spend less time on back-office tasks and more time selling.

The areas where businesses are most interested in digitalising for customers and stakeholders are post-sales (44 per cent) and pre-sales (29 per cent), according to research by Forrester. ‘Contract signing’ and ‘pre-sales’ were tipped as the top two processes in the customer journey that would benefit most from e-Signatures, given that these phases are the most challenging to manage.

Electronic signatures were deemed most desirable in the report for sales order processing (62 per cent), special deal terms (19 per cent) and partner agreements (10 per cent).

From a backend point of view, integration is not an issue. Adobe Sign works natively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and on the Salesforce1 Platform. It can also be used with Salesforce apps, such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

So what is holding sales departments back from adopting e-signatures? According to the Forrester report, customers that prefer paper transactions (12 per cent) and a lack of vision (23 per cent) were ranked as the top concerns.

Enabling sales reps to seamlessly engage prospects and customers across the buying journey from anywhere and at anytime delivers significant competitive advantage and wins more deals. With full tracking of the approval process and contract generation, e-signature makes progress follow-ups simple.

From the trusted leader and innovator in secure digital document technology for over 20 years, Adobe Sign is a turnkey, mobile-enabled solution that can fully integrate with your document processes without any coding.

Adobe Sign makes 100 per cent digital workflows a reality with trusted, legal electronic signatures. No matter what size organisation, Adobe Sign accelerates the pace of business by working with your existing processes and systems, expediting transactions, and protecting your data with industry-leading security standards.

Document Management

Posted on 02-27-2017


  • By Sanjay Kader - 1:33 PM on February 28, 2017   Reply

    Great insights on Adobe Sign.

    Digital signatures are truely force multipliers in terms of accelerating the speed and reducing cost of doing business.

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