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Meet Adobe Scan: the free scan app with text recognition superpowers

Paperless and mobile is fast becoming the only way to work in an increasingly digital world.

As the workplace of the future evolves, with smartphones increasingly relied upon to get real work done, being able to access, update and share documents quickly and securely is imperative.

People need integrated mobile apps and services that help them be more productive, no matter where they are.

Adobe has been adapting and evolving its offerings for decades to provide solutions that are independent of hardware, software and devices.

Adobe Document Cloud lets you work across its integrated cloud services, and mobile and desktop apps. And now, Adobe has unveiling major innovations with Adobe Scan at the front of the new innovations.

Scan anything in a snap

Adobe invented PDF creation for desktop computers, and now with Adobe Scan it has reinvented it for mobile devices.

A new free app, Adobe Scan turns your mobile device into an intelligent scanning and text-recognition tool, taking document creation to the next level.

Adobe Scan lets you scan everything from shopping receipts and business cards to book pages and whiteboards, and turn them into high-res PDFs. Or you can simply choose an image from your camera roll and let the app do the rest. With automated features, including auto-crop and auto-clean, it removes shadows and makes text clear and crisp.

Now your documents have PDF powers

Adobe Scan also automatically converts documents or any printed text into digital text that can then be selected, copied or annotated with Acrobat Reader DC or Acrobat DC. Once captured and converted, the content is searchable and reusable in a secure Adobe PDF.

‘Documents are the lifeblood of society. The challenge is in unlocking the intelligence that lives in those documents, and extracting meaning that can be incorporated into digital workflows. Adobe Scan represents a critical step toward our broader innovation imperative for Adobe Document Cloud,’ said Abhay Parasnis, chief technology officer, Adobe.

You can upload, store, share and access the scanned files online using a free Adobe Document Cloud account, allowing you to work on your documents from any machine or device.

As part of Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Scan can also integrate with Adobe Sign and Acrobat DC for a completely paperless and modern document experience – automating every task in a document workflow.

Taking the paper out of paperwork translates into significant productivity gains and impressive cost savings for businesses, while reducing environmental impact and improving customer experience.

Adobe Scan and Adobe Sign are key parts of Adobe’s mission to deliver innovations that enable our customers to transform their digital experiences.

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