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How do I… Send and Track Large Files with Acrobat DC?

“Did you send over that doc­u­ment?”

“Oh, maybe it’s stuck in my out­box…”

Ouch. Noth­ing can bring work to a screech­ing halt quite like email attach­ment errors. The big­ger the file, the big­ger the headache. Accord­ing to Adobe research, 43% of office work­ers are shout­ing it from the rooftops: the sheer vol­ume of email attach­ments makes work life com­pli­cat­ed.

So how do you send large files with con­fi­dence? How do you track files to ensure the recip­i­ent down­loaded the con­tent? Do you, per­haps, already have a solu­tion sit­ting right under your nose? Enter Acro­bat DC’s pow­er­ful Send & Track tool. Check it out:

Send and Track Files

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