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As Singapore’s premier multi-modal land transport provider, SMRT‘s core businesses are in rail operations, maintenance, and engineering as well as in bus, taxi, and automotive services. Complementing these are the company’s integrated businesses in retail, media, and marketing, as well as properties and retail management. With so many lines of business, offices, and employees under the corporation’s oversight, SMRT’s procurement team faced challenges in managing workflow for document approvals.

“Document approvals were completed manually, which was quite laborious and turnaround times weren’t fast enough. The workflow management was riddled with inefficiencies,” said Alfred Aloysius, Director, Strategic Sourcing, SMRT Corporation Ltd. “We were facing these challenges with a variety of documents including sales agreements, internal procurement documents, and invoices. We were looking for a way to streamline our workflow, as part of our continuous efforts to be more efficient.”

In sourcing a solution, Aloysius and his team were looking for a workflow management system that they could get up and running with minimal training and implementation requirements. In doing so, they turned to the SMRT Corporation legal team, who had already been using Adobe Document Cloud eSign services for a year. With a strong recommendation from the legal team, SMRT’s procurement division made a quick decision to adopt eSign services.

“The mobile nature and user-friendliness of eSign services were huge deciding factors,” shared Aloysius. “Our executives are constantly on the go, and being able to remain productive while traveling helps us make the most of our time. As well, the solution is quite intuitive—all we needed to get people started was a simple sharing session, through which the legal department team shared about their experience with eSign services. This saved us lots of time in the onboarding process.”

Upon implementation of eSign services, Aloysius and his team saw an immediate impact with documents being sent electronically. The Adobe e-signature solution enabled SMRT to quickly restart approval processes to accommodate changes. SMRT was better equipped to keep track of the documents, and the respective workflows.

“Today, our new workflow for contract agreements is a lot more efficient and less laborious. eSign services have brought the overall agreement processing time down from 3 weeks to about 16 hours. And for documents that require extremely quick turnaround, approvals can be made in as fast as 7 minutes! The time savings are apparent, especially when you multiply that by all the contracts and approval steps being processed. We have increased the speed of doing business, which helps SMRT improve its speed to market and efficiency,” said Aloysius.

Currently, approximately 300 SMRT employees use eSign services, processing an average of 650 documents per month. Aside from legal and procurement, the other departments taking advantage of the productivity benefits of eSign services include finance, HR, and commercial. Overall, SMRT has observed savings of more than $100,000 in man-hours, within the first year.

As SMRT continues its transformation to greater efficiency, Adobe solutions will continue to provide productivity benefits, supporting its endeavor to achieve greater efficiencies and further improving time and cost savings for the company.

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Document Management

Posted on 03-08-2016

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