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Reflections from Adobe Symposium – Mumbai and MAKE IT – Sydney

We just wrapped up two of the biggest Adobe events in Asia Pacific – Symposium in Mumbai, India on 28 April attracted digital marketers from across the country; and Make IT, in Sydney, Australia brought together creative professionals from all walks of life for a full-day event on June 5 that was described on Twitter by one attendee as “Like a very special Ted talk, for creatives.” Over 1,000 people attended the event in Sydney, while more than 4000 watched the live-stream version from all around Asia. You can watch it on demand here

As I travelled from one event to the other, what really struck me was how these two worlds of marketers and creatives are set on the course of a cosmic collision that’s about to change how we look at business. I’ve captured some of the most important themes that emerged across both events here.

The market environment for brands is changing

This is the era of the connected consumer. People today are consuming more content across more devices than ever before in our history and they expect amazing and relevant experiences to be delivered to them, every time.

India today has 1 billion mobile subscribers, second only to China. Moreover as reported by IMAI and KPMG in India On The Go – Mobile Internet Vision Report 2017 India has the second-largest Internet user base in the world, with more than 350 million users and is projected to have 236 million mobile internet users by 2016 and 314 million by 2017. Brands in this country have more opportunities and challenges to drive new types of experiences and engagements across a wide range of audiences such as customers, employees, students and citizens.

A report released at Symposium titled Adobe Digital Index report, Best of the Best India shows how gaps in smartphone engagement have widened dramatically between the best industry performers in each industry segment. This indicates that the leaders in each category – such as Banking, Media and Entertainment, and Retail – are pulling away from the pack to capture a higher share of mobile traffic than their competitors. The best performers in Media and Entertainment had the greatest gap between the best and the rest at 28.1%, followed by Retail at 35.6%.

Mobile-first, always-on consumers have more choices than ever before. Creativity and design play a vitally important role in helping brands break through this cluttered environment.

Roles evolving and intersecting: Marketing to creative, creative to marketing

Today, some agencies are adopting a flat model to eliminate layers of account management and put creatives in direct contact with their clients. They are closer and more aligned to key business decisions. In-house creatives are rapidly moving up the management chain and have started playing key roles aligned to business goals.

Preliminary reports coming in from this year’s annual Adobe Creatives Pulse research, show that over 69% of those surveyed feel that creativity and business thinking are critical to business success. The study also notes that more than 50% of APAC’s creatives feel they have more impact today in their organizations than they did two years earlier. Look out for the full study results to be released soon.

From the marketing side of the business, we find more CMOs and Heads of Marketing bringing content strategists, designers and copy writers onto their teams.

The need to accelerate what we call content velocity—the speed and throughput in creating high-impact content across the range of devices – is a real challenge. At Make IT in Sydney, Vanessa Tamblyn, Head of Creative, Sydney Opera House talked about how she and her team deliver over 180 campaigns a year. Watch the talk here.

At Symposium in Mumbai, we heard from a wide array of speakers from some of the leading e-commerce companies like Make My Trip, Craftsvilla, Nyka and AskMe Bazaar all echoing the need to deliver personalised and impactful customer experiences.

The opportunity – Become an Experience Business

It’s an exciting time to work in marketing and creative areas as brands evolve customer engagement strategies, centred around digital to create meaningful experiences for their customers.

Major advancements in data and analytics capabilities enable marketers to extract real-time insights as to what is working and what is not, allowing creatives to tune their designs to the hearts of the customer. In fact, more than 87% of those surveyed for Adobe Creative Pulse research were optimistic about the future and feel that the best days are ahead of us.

Are you seeing this transformation in your company? Share your comments here, and let us know.

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