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Part III: Applying Adobe technology to deliver outstanding employee experiences

In the last blog in this three-part series on becoming an employee experience business, I wanted to cover how Adobe technology can be used to deliver key employee experience capabilities which are the foundation for any employee focused company. As you would have seen in my previous blog there are lots of technologies that sit behind the scenes that capture data about employees and host content, but all that information and content is then delivered through an experience layer of channels to the employee. Today we will focus on the capabilities, channels and technology delivering the experience layer.

This is the experience layer as covered in my previous blog:

I am going focus on six key areas of employee experience:
– Onboarding
– Training and enablement
– Collaboration, creation and sharing
– Organisational updates
– Productivity
– Employee analytics


Let’s start with the onboarding process, the steps for onboarding usually look like this:
1) Offer acceptance: contract sent, contract digitally signed and accepted, welcome email
2) Pre-hire: reminder emails to manager welcome the new employee, order IT equipment, work credit card, building access pass, etc.
3) Onboarding: email welcoming employee on first day, reminder to manager to send email to broader company welcoming the employee and to organise a lunch with the team
4) Start week: email to employee advising on onboarding tasks, IT systems relevant to the position, mobile applications to download and training , additional digital acceptance forms for IT/mobile equipment, credit card responsibilities, company reporting requirements
5) Activate employee: email to employee about benefits and grants, email distribution lists and social groups
Here are the Adobe tools that can we used to deliver the above onboarding process employee experience:

Creative & Design: Photoshop and Dreamweaver would be used to design and create your email templates. Acrobat DC allows you to create your contracts and acceptance forms.
Asset storage: Document Cloud Services and Experience Manager provide capabilities to then store your contracts, acceptance forms, email templates and creative.
Activation: Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign work together to handle your contract workflow and acceptances, while Adobe Campaign manages your email delivery automation.

Training and enablement

Training and enablement employee experience steps are typically pretty-straight forward:
1) Notification of new training module to complete or search for a new module
2) Start – Completion of training module
3) Reminder to start – reminder to complete – confirmation of completion
Here are the Adobe tools that can we used to deliver the above training and enablement process employee experience:

Creative & Design: Adobe Presenter turns your Powerpoint presentations into an interactive eLearning asset which can uploaded to your LMS (learning management system). Adobe Captivate lets you design, create and author eLearning modules.
Asset storage: Your learning module assets can be stored in Adobe Captivate
Activation: Adobe Captivate is an LMS that lets you setup, deliver and track your organisations training needs. Adobe Connect provides you with the ability to deliver 1:> live and recorded webinars, while Adobe Campaign manages your training notifications whether they be by email, text message or push notifications.

Collaboration, creation and sharing

Let’s next look at how your employees experience can be enhanced through collaboration, creation and sharing (this taking an employee to employee relationship view).
– Online meetings such as web conferencing tools
– Conference calls which can be 1:1 or 1:>
– Forums and wiki’s where employees can share content, knowledge and opinions with each other
– 1:1 or 1:> email and/or face to face meetings
– and lastly social for 1:1 & 1:> interactions and content engagement
There are many Adobe tools that can we used to create, host or connect employees to enable and enhance the employees experience around collaboration, creation and sharing. I am only going to list a few of the key ones:

Creative & Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Spark are all content and audio creative and design tools.
Asset & data storage: Experience Manager and Analytics provide the asset hosting and data storage.
Activation: Online meetings and web conferencing can we achieved through Connect. Experience Manager allows you to host forums, wiki’s and manage internal social content sharing and discussions. Analytics provides an overview of the creative content that is produced and shared and topics of interest between employees.

Organisational updates

Next we have a look at the common area’s an organisation keeps the employees abreast of new information through corporate updates:
1) Company information and updates: internal company wide news
2) Media news: company and employees in the press
3) Product news: product updates, competitor comparisons, trainings, media releases
4) Tools & resources: employee directories, time off, IT help, etc. all accessible across devices and channels
5) Internal events news: events calendar, event assets, event communication
Again, I am going to focus on a couple of key Adobe tools that can we used to provide company updates to what is becoming more frequently a mobile workforce:

Creative & Design: Photoshop and Illustrator allow you to create brand assets, creative assets for your websites, mobile applications, digital signage and banners. Premier allows you to create video for company news update and employee experience videos.
Asset & data storage: Experience Manager and Primetime store your image and video assets. Analytics and Audience Manager host your employee engagement and segmentation data.
Activation: Primetime is your video delivery platform for company updates and employee experience takes. Experience Manager delivers your media news, product news, tools & resources across channels and devices. Target allows you to personalise the content based on role, responsibility and region across these channels and devices. Campaign allows you to send personalised companywide update emails, and trigger SMS’s and push notifications.

Employee Productivity

We now move onto how we improve employee productivity, one of the easiest areas to implement and execute. Let’s look at some of the common functions to start improving employee productivity and experience:
1) Sales acceleration
2) HR efficiency
3) Procure agility
4) Mobile workforce accessibility
Here are the Adobe tools that can we used to deliver the above employee productivity gains and employee experience improvements:
Creative & Design: Acrobat DC allows you to create your contracts and acceptance forms.
Asset storage: Document Cloud Services to host your contracts & forms and store form & acceptance data.
Activation: Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign work together to streamline your contract workflow and acceptances.

Employee Analytics

We now finish with gaining insights into the employee experience and engagement through employee analytics. You’ll gain insight into such areas as:1) Content consumed
2) Frequency of consumption
3) Preferred channels and devices
4) Audience segmentation
5) Behavioural triggers
Here are the Adobe tools that can we used to deliver insights into the employee experience thought employee analytics:

Creative & Design: Analytics and Audience Manager allow you to create new reports, dashboards and audience segments to gather insights into employee engagement
Data storage: Analytics and Audience Manager host your employee engagement and segmentation data
Activation: Analytics allows you to gain additional insights and actions through AI and machine learning capabilities letting you understand propensity modelling, attribution modelling, identification of new segments through cohort analysis and the like.

This is how you can go about using Adobe tools to deliver engaging employee experiences and the ways in which these tools can be applied to deliver this across any device or channel your employee wishes to engage you through.

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Posted on 05-16-2017

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