Adobe Korea and Lotte Rental: Preparing for the future

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Korea is a demanding market. Driven by digital innovation, it has become an exciting technology hub and ranks fourth globally in terms of connectivity, thanks to a tech-savvy government.

The Korean people are also some of the most connected – internet penetration is now at 91 per cent and the number of available broadband services are the highest in the world per capita.

This digitised position means Korean audiences naturally have high expectations when it comes to online experiences and building an online interaction that’s more memorable, navigable, and intuitive than the competition is the only way to stand out.

A broader view

Korean leasing business Lotte Rental has chosen to ‘stand out’ by partnering with Adobe for Myomee, their new consumer lifestyle platform.

Myomee is a digital portal that allows users to rent premium consumer goods – everything from family-sized camping tents to a weekly supply of freshly ironed business shirts.

The platform will service users on both the consumer and supplier side, with Lotte Rental teaming up with Adobe to gain a better understanding of these audiences and develop a clear vision for sustainable success.

Adobe Analytics now gives Myomee a full view of the customer journey while analysing data at every customer touchpoint. Coupled with Adobe Target, this information empowers the rental platform to deliver relevant content to every user based on their interests and past behaviour.

Understanding how people interact with Myomee will also empower Lotte Rental to provide the most relevant and actionable content to each individual user.

Myomee is optimised for easy exploration on mobile devices, an important factor when Korean audiences spend an average of 3 hours per day on them.

For all businesses working in Korea’s rapidly evolving digital market, taking control of customer data across every customer touchpoint is crucial.

We’ve given Lotte Rental a broader vision of their customers than ever before including; their journey, their pain points, and the opportunities to make them happy.

I firmly believe the adoption of technology is not a matter of choice, but of survival.

Myomee is shaking up the lifestyle goods industry and we at Adobe are excited to partner with another Korean business that is actively changing their customer’s world.

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Posted on 10-05-2017

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