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A creative, community-minded entrepreneur uses Adobe Spark to create compelling content quickly and easily.

George Siosi Samuels

George Siosi Samuels is a self-described ‘creative entrepreneur’. His podcast It Will Come inspires and supports start-up founders, small business owners and community influencers.

“My site provides information on how to blaze your own trail and grow a community-driven business so it needs to be attractive and easy to use,” he said.

After establishing the site in 2015, George was constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of its visual content, sending him on a journey of digital discovery that led to Adobe Spark.

As a creative in the competitive space of start-ups and SMBs, George knows how important visual content is in attracting customers and keeping attention online. Spark has empowered George to create striking visual messages for his content.


Understanding the power of impact

Like any media outlet, George needs to get his messages out often – his website provides clients with daily motivation, weekly interviews,and monthly roundups. This high cadence of content distribution needed to be supported with impactful visual quality that connected with George’s creative audience.

As someone who is always looking for ways to create maximum impact, George was intrigued by Adobe Spark as soon as it was released in 2016. “I checked out the early online desktop version and I liked the smooth interface. I soon found I was using Spark for blog headers and quotes and increasingly for other applications. I then required a simple tool to create and send a social media graphic quickly. Adobe Spark ticked that box,” George said.

With Spark, Adobe has effectively combined three free platforms – Post, Page and Video – in one package. This lets people like George everywhere create an impressive range of visual content including social graphics, pages, and videos. The content can then easily be uploaded to his website and social channels, whether it’s a video or still image.

Creating magic on your mobile

George has also acquired a whole new level of flexibility, with Spark allowing him to create amazing designs on the train from his mobile. “Spark delivers the high-quality content I would normally expect from a desktop program. Because I’m on the move a lot, Spark is like my secret weapon on my mobile. “I can now do on my mobile in 15 minutes on the train what used to take me an hour at the desk. That’s where technology’s going,” George said.

“The news cycle, and people’s demand for content, is 24/7. How best to work with that: to keep up with that – stay ahead of that even? Spark is ideal for social. You can swiftly make videos, create posts which include voice overs, music and images.”

The trend towards using mobile devices to create, edit, publish and curate content is only starting to gain momentum and Adobe Spark is at the technological forefront of cloud-based team communications tools.

George has made us recognise the importance of impact, and for this reason he has been identified as a ‘Key Person of Influence’.

Creative Business

Posted on 06-20-2017

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