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Three ways to increase your productivity

Each year businesses lose millions of dollars in productivity. Why? “Paperwork!” says Chandra Sinnathamby, Head of Document Cloud Solutions – APAC at Adobe. “Our research shows 30% of workers spend most of their time on paperwork. The average person works eight hours a week, five days a week, which means workers are wasting 36% of a 40 hour work week on administrative tasks, looking for files and chasing people for paperwork.”

Here are some of the ways you can increase your productivity:

1. Improve employee experience

“Get your team doing what they do best, rather than leaving them stuck chasing paperwork,” advises Sinnathamby. To do this, you must:
• Identify your main workflow problems
• Determine the technology that will address said problems
• Implement and integrate the appropriate technology into your current setup
• Ensure your employees are properly trained and educated so they actually use the technology
“People hate change, so show them the benefits,” says Sinnathamby.

2. Empower your people with flexible work

“Enabling people to work from wherever they want, or whenever they can, boosts productivity,” says Kate Morris, founder and CEO of Australia’s first online beauty retailer, Adore Beauty.
“I have a baby and I need to work in the evenings from home,” she says. Morris, who featured in the 2016 Smart50 list, and her team of 50 use cloud applications such as Google Apps, or Slack, for internal communication. “Cloud software gives us scalability which is important when your head count is rapidly increasing or you need to add a new user in a different location,” says Morris.
“It also enables us to use contract or freelance resources to temporarily scale up if, for instance, we want to try a new project.” Flexible work is important – Morris suggests that leaders or managers should try to make things easier for people by letting them start and finish at times that work best with them and their family, or give them time to work from home.

3. Be an early adopter

If you want to boost productivity, businesses need to keep track of trends, new technology and actually adopt it, says Sinnathamby.
For example, a 2016 Adobe report revealed that by 2020, more than 100 million eSignatures are predicted to be made in Australia annually – but only 20% of Australian businesses are ready for this.
Businesses need to react quickly if they’re ever going to meet customer expectations around convenience and efficiency.
Meet customer convenience and efficiency expectations
From Sales through to your HR department, the fastest workflows are all digital. Rather than sifting through emails or printing documents, which only slows down closing a sale, Adobe Sign is one solution that speeds up the signing process. Adobe Sign reduces delays in the approval process with trusted e-signatures and also integrates with your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow.

Learn how Adobe Sign can create all-digital experiences here.

Thea Christie, Content Coordinator, SmartCompany

Thea Christie is the Content Coordinator of SmartCompany, the leading publication for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and managers, providing news and resources relevant to the SME market. Thea also writes for its sister publication StartupSmart. Formerly, Thea has worked as a journalist and content writer for Hardie Grant Publishing, BauerTrader Media and Time Out Melbourne.

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