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Customer Experience


2018 Digital Trends Report: Why APAC Retailers Are Evolving Their Technology Approach

Leveraging Adobe’s 2018 Digital Retail Trends Report, Scott Rigby explains why a best-of-suite approach to technology delivers the most effective CX.

A look into the future with Adobe Experience Cloud

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Adobe Symposium India: Experiences Are The Competitive Differentiator

What makes an amazing customer experience? Adobe Symposium India brought thousands of brands together to talk data, technology, talent and what makes them an experience business.

Only urgency and action will prioritise Customer Experience in 2018

Customer Experience (CX) has been a key focus for marketers in recent times, so it’s no surprise that ‘optimising CX’ has been ranked the top marketing priority in 2018.

Adobe Think Tank – The role of people in the future of work

Our working lives have changed dramatically in just a few years. There’s the explosion of technologies such as collaboration tools, cloud computing and automation, for a start. We compete in a global marketplace and are now just as likely to work under contracts than in traditional, full-time positions.

Adobe Asia Pacific Think Tank: The transformation of the work experience

Just as customer experience can drive business performance, employee experience also plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of an organisation.

Adobe Asia Pacific Think Tank: The role of machines in the future of work

Adobe is bringing together some of the most formidable (human) thinkers within the Asia Pacific region to discuss the increasingly blurred boundary between the mind and the machine and what it might mean for the future of work.

Southeast Asia’s most powerful brands share their transformation stories

Digital heads from globally recognised brands DBS Bank, StarHub and Discovery Networks Asia Pacific sat down with Adobe’s APAC strategy leads at the recent Adobe Experience Forum to share anecdotes on their digital transformation journey, and its impact on their business and customer experience.

Meet the Wipro Experience Maker: Naveen Rajdev

The rise of e-commerce. Y2K. The personal computer. The smartphone revolution. Social media. How could a single consultancy shepherd its clients through the constantly changing tech landscape of the last 20 years?

Meet the UberEATS Experience Maker: Simon Rossi

When it comes to food, Asia has a wider (and tastier) offering than anywhere else in the world, but it’s the secret corner stalls and hidden alleyways where you’ll find the longest lines.

Meet the Electrolux Experience Maker: Vinay Dixit

From the rooftop barbeque of Hong Kong to Australia’s iconic backyard sizzler, you can tell a lot about a culture from its cuisine. Across India, Kalmi kebabs roast for 12 or more hours in the tandoor, while many Chinese dishes are defined by a single flash in the pan.

Meet the iflix Experience Maker: Azran Osman-Rani

iflix is earning what many global brands have tried unsuccessfully to achieve; a local foothold across Asia’s vibrant mix of people and culture.

Meet the Adobe Experience Makers

Adobe Experience Makers is a four-part podcast series about those working behind the scenes to craft smarter, more meaningful interactions that tap into the specific needs of customers in a region of staggering diversity, where no two markets are the same.

Banking on digital to drive customer experiences

With customer interactions transitioning fast to the online world, leading banks have transformed their digital strategies to ensure they deliver on their customers’ changing preferences in a seamless and secure manner.