Australian Marketers: Embrace the next evolution of customer experience

Customer Experience

New research from Adobe and the CMO Council reveals marketers need to turn their attention to the next evolution of marketing, boosting focus to integrate content and creativity as the foundation of customer experience, the driver of how customers interact digitally and a critical point of alignment for organisations.

The fourth annual APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard was conducted by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe. It included a three-month in-field program comprising quantitative surveys with over 900 marketing executives and benchmarked the levels of adoption, traction and success of digital marketing across the region.  For the first time, the 2015 Digital Dashboard also examined creative empowerment and content velocity indicators, both critical to delivering an integrated and compelling customer experience.

Australia Digital Marketing

The 2015 Digital Dashboard has found significant majority of Australian marketers believe digital marketing can create a competitive advantage for their organisation, and Australia continues to lead the region when it comes to digital marketing maturity. However, the inclusion of creative empowerment and content velocity indicators has uncovered challenges for the next frontier of customer experience.

The study found 28% of marketers report creativity and the development of content are handled ad hoc and as needed; there’s no over-arching, organization-wide strategy driving it. Further, just 29% advise that content creators collaborate and share creative content to unify and align across all customer touchpoints.

Organisational silos have long been a pain point in digital transformation, but the focus has been on solving them for data. What we are seeing now is that silos also exist across creativity and content creation and that will hold back advances in customer experience, which is a critical requirement for competitive advantage and business success.

The next evolution of customer experience

This year’s Dashboard reveals Australian marketers are entering the second wave of digital transformation – they have moved beyond discussions about the value of digital. While some organisations are just beginning their digital journeys, questions now centre on how to implement and better align to the expectations of the customer, rather than whether to go ahead. Marketers want to re-start innovation, with a focus on content and creativity, and mobile.

Delivering the next evolution of customer experience won’t be possible without the right marketing leadership and vision; a CMO or Head of Marketing who can bring together all of the creativity and content silos and deliver a seamless campaign.  Without a leader who has a view of the entire eco-system, the evolution and implementation of customer experience will be threatened.

Download the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2015.

Customer Experience

Posted on 11-12-2015

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