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Data Management Platforms: Your Audience Matters

Scott Thomson, Senior Manager Industry Strategy APAC, Adobe Systems 


Data management platforms, or DMPs, promise to be an enabling audience engine for digital ad technology and content personalization. But given all the hype around them, what can and can’t they do? What should you look for in a DMP?

Firstly, DMPs need to support easy ingestion and normalization of data from multiple sources in a secure and privacy compliant manner. Not only the myriad of internal (1st Party) data sources such as your data warehouse, CRM & onsite analytics but also a vast array of ad tech partners such as premium publishers (often referred to as 2nd Party) and other partner enterprises and data suppliers (3rd Party).

Secondly, DMPs need to be able to manage insights derived from audience activity and targeting to audiences. Based on a predefined set of audiences, DMPs need to be able to intuit look-a-like audiences and also allow the predefined audiences models to evolve as new data is on-boarded, especially in near real time.

Thirdly, and most critically, DMPs need to support integrations to multiple channels and many partners within those channels and they need to maintain the highest possible audience match rates with those partners.

DMPs aren’t just a cloud based data mart. They maintain ongoing, best practice integrations with tens or hundreds of other partners and in doing so they manage all the legal relationships & operational costs those integration incur to maintain.

DMPs also maintain the greatest audience match rates to those partners. If your partner DMP has a low match rate, say 30%, it means only 30% of the audience you worked to long and hard to create is going to be matched.

When done right, a data management platform can be the key stone of your digital marketing program – finally allowing marketers to lead with a customer-centric, rather than channel-centric, approach to marketing.

Join me at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2014 in Sydney and Singapore where I’ll cover more on what DMPs can and can’t do, how they fit into the digital advertising and personalization ecosystems and what are the best practices for deploying and managing a DMP.

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