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Effective Personalisation: An Organisational Challenge

Brent Watson, Head of Digital Marketing Product, Adobe JAPAC – LinkedIn @BrentWatson

Looking across the globe, companies have highly diverse patterns of adoption of digital marketing technologies. Some companies are starting with the basics – how do I make my products and services known and marketable to those who choose to find them? Others are scaling to drive more transparency with measurement and agility with their publishing capabilities to more rapidly adapt to shifting market needs and interests. Then there are those fighting for audience first, in order to have the chance to tell their story at all. The best companies however, are capturing audience via the myriad means available while optimising experiences for conversion. By measuring conversion rates and patterns alongside costs of visitor acquisition and campaign efficacy, they wisely divert marketing spend toward increasing conversion rates via personalisation.

A standard challenge we see in the organisations with whom we work is the need to advocate for added budget when embarking upon personalisation. It’s pretty simple, the more tests you run, the more personalized experiences you deploy, and the more creative assets are needed to serve those individual experiences. This reality never goes away. One key lies in being diligent in measuring the value of the increased conversion being driven by your personalisation tactics. The second key lies in getting your executive leadership to treat the personalisation program as a peer to advertising and other acquisition tactics.

As we watch the competition for growing audiences continues in the APAC region, a strong opportunity remains in driving business results by increased conversion. I am looking forward to the opportunity to share some of the best practices for personalisation while at our Symposium events. I am even more excited to talk with local marketers and understand what tactics they are currently employing for best results, what successes they are having, and what organisational challenges they face.

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