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Customer Experience

For marketers, the digital landscape is changing too quickly and across too many fronts to stay ahead in all areas of expertise. In fact, this is an understatement. There is more change now, across more aspects of technology and process than at any other point in history

Clearly, digital is changing everything. Consumers have infinite choices in content, they’re connected to an explosion of devices and they want every experience with your brand to be seamless. The only way to win is by creating in-the-moment experiences that are relevant and personal.

Smart organisations that are coping with change well have understood that agility and ambiguity are necessary and normal. Embedding these values in the culture and fabric of their organisation is a good way to buffer for the constant change. This means at a very practical level, it is important to spend time and resources on getting outcomes from the intersection of people, process and technology. There is some risk that businesses actually do too much analysis before getting their sleeves rolled up.

Success  should be measured more by speed of action and continuous learning rather than a particular feature or technology as a differentiator. In other words – buy the best, and use it quickly and effectively.

Make a real connection with your customers

I believe improving customer experience and customer journeys are the goal of connected, real-time marketing where data and content are working together to personalise the right experience for the right customer at the right time – on the right device.

The use of exceptional content is an ideal, however those who have experience in using the tools for digital marketing are realising that there are significant creative and workflow challenges to actually provide excellent, relevant content quickly enough.

To be truly effective, marketers need three things – content, delivery mechanisms to get the content to audiences and data to analyse results and inform next and future steps.

The challenge is having all of these elements working in harmony.

Many marketers are struggling with deploying all three elements simultaneously, and there is no doubt that these are complex problems.

Choosing a platform-based approach helps remove the technology issues, and allows marketers to focus on what they’ve always done – telling engaging stories with words and pictures – with the added power to do that on the device of their choosing, to the appropriate audience, at the right time.

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Customer Experience

Posted on 06-07-2016

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