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June 24, 2016 /Customer Experience /

It’s the experience that counts

Some of you may remember Adobe Symposium’s humble beginnings in 2012, where just a few hundred people gathered to start our conversation about transformation. Fast forward five years and we expect about 2,000 people to join us in Sydney and Singapore to talk about transformation, customer experience and how we can leverage the bleeding edge of innovation to drive business growth.

A lot has changed in the past five years for businesses. Disruption has changed the way we live and do business, and at the heart of this is the changing role of marketing in our business strategies.

As I travel around Australia and attend regional meetings with customers and partners, there is one thing I notice that has become very clear – organisations embracing digital technology and investing in transformation are pulling ahead of their competitors.

Customer experience is the new competitive differentiator

The digital landscape is rocking global enterprises, with people interacting through mobile devices, wearables, tablets, and even car dashboards.

Consumers’ increased expectations have brought us to a tipping point where experience must be at the centre of everything we do – customers want the best and they won’t tolerate bad experiences.

The challenge for brands is to transform their business models to ensure that the customer experience is now at the forefront of their thinking.

The third wave is upon us

This new experience era represents the third wave of enterprise disruption over the past 50 years. The first wave affected the back-office and began in the 1960s in the early days of computing. During that period, it became possible to digitally connect different parts of an organisation for the first time.

These systems became known as ERP or MRP and drove efficiencies in manufacturing and production processes.

The second wave was the CRM revolution and focused on transforming the front office, managing sales teams and customer conversations.

The first two waves were about the business and helping us do our jobs more efficiently.

The third wave, however, is not about the business – it’s all about the experience we provide the consumer as they shop, buy and use our products and it will be crucial for future business success.

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