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January 16, 2013 /Customer Experience /

Marketing Momentum is Shifting to Digital Channels

2013 is herald to be the year of Digital Marketing, as it grows more and more prominent. By taking the Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimisation Survey, you will be able to find out which tactics marketers will implement to drive growth. Last year the quantitative survey drew over 1,700 responses from across different industries worldwide.

For taking part in the survey, you will receive a copy of the final report which is the go-to guide for online marketing investments and strategy in the upcoming year. The report will contain a detailed analysis, best practice and answers to question such as:

Where will marketers be focusing their upcoming digital marketing budget?
What optimization strategies are raising conversion?
What are your peers doing to improve on site consumer experiences?
Is content targeting and personalization appreciated by your customers?

Begin the Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optmisation Survey now! Survey results will also include tips and tricks from marketing experts at Econsultancy.

Please complete the survey by January 28th. Thanks for your participation.
The Adobe marketing team.

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