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Customer Experience

Renowned for providing world-class Asian hospitality, Meritus Hotels & Resorts is an iconic hotel management company that was founded from its roots in its flagship hotel, Mandarin Orchard Singapore, in the 1960s. The award-winning hospitality brand’s current portfolio includes three hotels located in gateway cities and idyllic destinations in Singapore and Malaysia, and will soon extend its footprint to more destinations around the globe.

With customers coming from not just across Asia but the world, Meritus wanted to expend its reach through email marketing campaigns in multiple countries and languages. Adobe Campaign gave Meritus the ability to integrate their email campaigns with booking systems to create a single location for customer information all while managing campaigns in-house with small marketing teams

Delivering high-performing email campaigns

In the past, handling email campaigns involved manual, time-intensive processes – it could take up to 2 hours or more to extract and upload the customer data. Now, with Adobe Campaign integrated with Meritus’s Opera booking system to create a centralised location to manage all customer data, the whole process is cut down to less than 15 minutes.

Today, dispersed Meritus marketing teams can work with data in a central location and build a more complete view of each customer’s interactions with company properties. At the same time, segmentation rules allow marketers to use a single interface to view data for each individual hotel and create, send, and manage email campaigns that drive greater bookings.

Furthermore, to aid its campaign transformation, Meritus worked with Traction Digital, an Adobe Campaign Specialised Partner with expertise in creating one-to-one marketing campaigns. With expert training offered by Traction Digital, Meritus can expand its use of Adobe Campaign so that lean marketing teams at each hotel can provide faster market response and more accurate information about each hotel’s features and deals.

Read the full success story here.

Customer Experience

Posted on 02-01-2016


  • By BrightLivingstone - 6:19 PM on February 1, 2016   Reply

    its very nice information that adobe campaign gave option to integrate all your email campaign together to save time. its like entire email marketing system is moving to future.

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