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Customer Experience

Digital technology has completely changed the way companies do business and amazing customer experiences have become an essential marketing tool for those that want to remain industry leaders. At Adobe, the customer experience is at the centre of everything we do. In the lead-up to this year’s Symposium, we asked some of our customers what it means to their business.

Now is the time to understand customer experience!

Tom Cotter, CIO and CPO (Chief Product Officer) at Mediaworks

Customer experience for us is the consumer having frictionless access to our business, wherever they are.

Naomi Le Get, Analytics Principal at Lens10

I heard a great quote at the Adobe Summit last year: ‘Customer expectations will double every 18 months.’ Expectations aren’t quite experiences, but they are deeply intertwined. A customer’s expectation underpins their experience. Whatever I understand about customer experience now is becoming passé even as we speak. Whatever we build, whatever rollout is already underway is already too streamlined, too busy, too clunky, or too slow. You can build once and build great, but you can’t build once and build right. ‘Right’ is always changing. Build so you can optimise. And make sure the budget for every project you undertake takes customer experience fully into account.

Warren Davies, Design Manager, Digital Channels at Spark New Zealand

Customer experience is something our customers demand, but above and beyond that we really have to deliver great experiences so customers understand our products and want to use them. It’s a big change for your business because you have to think a lot more about data and context, which are things that change the way your business works.

Jenny Williams, CMO at HCF

There’s an aspect of customer experience in everything you do digitally because it’s such a huge touch point between brand and customer. It’s contact you can automate so once you know what you need to do you can deliver the experience consistently and measure whether it works. Technology lets you conduct AB testing, and the data insights you obtain allow you to dynamically optimise your customer experience in a way that you couldn’t do offline very easily.

These are just a few of the ways Adobe customers define customer experience. Hear what other customers think at Symposium, our premier digital conference. Come and learn how you can combine creativity, content and data to create amazing, memorable customer experiences.

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Customer Experience

Posted on 06-30-2016

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