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Only urgency and action will prioritise Customer Experience in 2018

Cus­tomer Expe­ri­ence (CX) has been a key focus for mar­keters in recent times, so it’s no sur­prise that ‘opti­mis­ing CX’ has been ranked the top mar­ket­ing pri­or­i­ty in 2018.

For most, though, this isn’t shock­ing news — brands that aren’t cre­at­ing expe­ri­ences that are per­son­al, rel­e­vant and con­sis­tent across all cus­tomer touch­points are quick­ly being replaced by dis­rup­tors in every indus­try. The prob­lem is no longer find­ing a rea­son to devel­op a CX strat­e­gy, but being able to resource & organ­ise a team that can act swift­ly.

Part of the rea­son some mar­keters feel ham­strung to act is the ever-increas­ing influ­ence of tech­nol­o­gy on their role. 73% of brands sur­veyed in the lat­est Adobe Dig­i­tal Trends Report are now com­bin­ing dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing skills with tech­nol­o­gy. Today’s dig­i­tal land­scape of ana­lyt­ics plat­forms and con­tent man­age­ment sys­tems means being a stand­out dig­i­tal mar­keter is no longer enough — you also need to have a firm grasp on tech­nol­o­gy and data.

The oppor­tu­ni­ties pre­sent­ed in this CX wave will be incred­i­bly reward­ing for busi­ness­es that get it right. So where are the lead­ers invest­ing their efforts? Lever­ag­ing Adobe’s 2018 Dig­i­tal Trends Report, I recent­ly addressed ADMA’s Data-Dri­ven Mar­ket­ing Con­fer­ence, shar­ing key insights and explain­ing why only urgency and action will pri­ori­tise CX in 2018.

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