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Data-driven marketing – transform your marketing tactics

Brands need to stay relevant to their customers, or customers will find a brand that is. And in this age of the empowered consumer, that is easy for them to do.

Today’s marketers need to make the most of every opportunity to ensure they are presenting customers with an experience that is both relevant to their profile and circumstances.Marketers need to make sure they are doing this consistently across all channels, or they risk wasting an opportunity to show customers they understand them and how to be of service to them.

Not only do marketers need to be consistent in their communications, they also need to ensure their communications continuously evolve in response to changes in their customers’ engagement with them – that is, as customers progress through the customer lifecycle, from being a suspect to a prospect to a customer and then, if we’ve done our job right, becoming an advocate.

What do marketers need to do to ensure they are relevant to their customers?

A holistic approach to data-driven marketing is critical to delivering customer relevance. Marketers need to think holistically in terms of how they form an understanding of their customers, and how they are going to be consistent and continuous in delivering their messages across multiple channels.

Traditionally marketers’ understanding of customers has relied on the transactions that a customer has had with them, such as purchases they’ve made; as well as any non-transactional interactions they have had like enquiries made via the call centre. The rise of digital touchpoints has dramatically increased the range and volume of customer interactions marketers are able to capture, and as a result significantly enhanced our ability to understand our customers. Not only do we now have insight about how they got to us, what attracted them to us, why they’re interested in us, and how likely they are to transact with us – but we know this in real-time.

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Taking a holistic approach to data-driven marketing means using all available customer data to form a comprehensive picture of our customers from which we can generate meaningful and actionable insights. However, the challenge Adobe consistently sees in reaching this nirvana, whether across industries or across the APAC region, is the separation of traditional and digital data practices. This separation extends not only to technical considerations such as how and where the data is captured, stored and managed, but also to operational matters like who manages each practice, and the distinct but complementary skillset and mindset required.

Given the tremendous insight and value that can be unlocked by creating a holistic view of your customers, the coming together of data, its guardians and their respective world views must be the foundation stone on which to build a data-driven marketing practice – one which truly positions your brand as relevant to the empowered consumer.

Finding relevance with empowered customers

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