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Data-driven: Tackle the future today

Data is power. Data gives marketers the power to understand what happened yesterday, and to predict what will happen tomorrow.

While some professional marketers in the Asia-Pacific region already understand this, most are yet to use data to its full potential – and many are only using it to do what they have done previously, rather than embracing the deep customer insights data offers.

Data is a time machine that we’ve always used to go backwards. Yet while we now have the capacity to travel into the future, it’s as if we’re stuck in reverse.

Now more than ever it’s vital for marketers throughout the Asia-Pacific region to gain a deep understanding of what they can and should be doing with the data analytics resources they have at hand.

As a result, marketers are using digital to deliver a message, but not to engage with the recipients. Digital is shoehorned into our existing strategies as though it were merely another channel. We should be looking for ways to fit our strategies into a digital era, not for ways to fit digital into our strategies.

Harnessing the Power of Predictive Analytics

There is a small but influential group of marketers in the region who are flicking the switch forward and making digital intelligence and insight central to their overall business strategy. Many of these industry leaders will be sharing their insights at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium that will be held in Sydney and Singapore in July this year.

They are the marketers who are harnessing the power of predictive analytics to ensure that data informs strategy at every step from product development to design, production, promotion, delivery and engagement.

Image courtesy of adamr at

Image courtesy of adamr at

Rather than tracking existing campaigns, these marketers are using data to identify new opportunities; rather than using data for reflective reporting, they are using it to interact in real-time with customers through multiple channels. They are not using data to track failure and success, they are using it to fail fast, and seek success. They are constantly learning and move on to new techniques and approaches that make it possible to race ahead of competitors.

These more sophisticated marketers are already taking substantial market share from traditional operators, and will continue to do so as the fail-fast approach becomes more pervasive.

The future, it appears, will belong to those who use data not only to understand what has been, but also to foresee what will be.

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