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10 Snake Themed Digital Marketing Predictions to Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake!

Siva Gane­shanan­dan, Direc­tor, Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, APAC – LinkedIn, @sivagatwork


VenomIt’s the Chi­nese year of the snake…and here are my pre­dic­tions for what will be hap­pen­ing in the world of the Dig­i­tal Mar­keter in APAC – with a snake theme.




1) Ven­om: Big Data in the Hands of the Mar­keter

Big Data is still today, focused on trans­ac­tion­al sys­tems – sales data, book­ing data, phone usage data etc. There is a lot of high sig­nal to noise ratio that these sys­tems like, but they are still too slow and inflex­i­ble to allow a data query con­ver­sa­tion:

>Do cus­tomers with a high­er NPS spend more with us?
Wait a few days, to build a new cube and run through the data.
>Yes – pro­mot­ers spend 25% more than detrac­tors and neu­trals.
>Ok – can you break down neu­trals and detrac­tors? Yes, 30% less and 20% less.
>How often do the pro­mot­ers trans­act with us?

Before you know it, before you have some­thing you can use – a month has gone by.

Then if you throw in mar­ket­ing data – you are real­ly in trou­ble. There is a high noise to sig­nal ratio and many ‘Big Data’ solu­tions are not great at han­dling this.

In real­i­ty how­ev­er, the com­bi­na­tion is where the pow­er is.  Think of this exam­ple: Based on this loy­al customer’s pre­vi­ous book­ings, I should give him a pro­mo­tion on flights to Lon­don in the lead up to Christ­mas. This is based on years of behav­ior shown on my fre­quent fly­er pro­gram. But if, before log­ging in, the cus­tomer spent 5 min­utes on my des­ti­na­tion guide to Bali, and did some search for flights to Bali around Christ­mas time, that is a stronger indi­ca­tor of intent.

Bring­ing the two sources of data togeth­er is crit­i­cal, and cus­tomer insights depart­ments are start­ing to see the val­ue of behav­ior data (and of com­bin­ing it with their Data Ware­hous­es).

Big data will start to deliv­er insights that move the mar­ket­ing nee­dle.

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