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Where are all the digital analysts?

Imo­gen Riley, Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Senior Man­ag­er, Adobe APAC – LinkedIn @IERiley

The dig­i­tal era is upon us. Com­pa­nies around the globe are already online or mov­ing online. Dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing has grown sub­stan­tial­ly over the years and becom­ing a pri­or­i­ty in many com­pa­nies. Social media and mobile plat­forms are becom­ing piv­otal to brands eager to reach cus­tomers.  All this has cre­at­ed for an explo­sion of data. Use­ful data. But data on its own is just num­bers – you need analy­sis to unlock its secrets and put it to work. And that’s where the prob­lem starts. Where on earth are all the dig­i­tal ana­lysts?

Skilled data ana­lysts are need­ed now more than ever to analyse data and make sense of the find­ings to help jus­ti­fy, improve and opti­mize mar­ket­ing efforts and cus­tomer engage­ment.

The lack of dig­i­tal tal­ent is not just a prob­lem here in Aus­tralia but around the globe as well. As the demand for dig­i­tal increas­es, it seems like­ly there will be a tal­ent vac­u­um for a few years yet to come.


Ana­lyt­i­cal tal­ent requires prac­ti­tion­ers to pos­sess a whole vari­ety of skills, as Damon Scarr, Com­mer­cial Direc­tor of Yahoo!7 says. “Today you can’t just be a data ana­lyst; you need to be a soci­ol­o­gist, an anthro­pol­o­gist, a strate­gist and a devel­op­er – a ver­i­ta­ble dig­i­tal jack of all trades.”

There are sev­er­al sug­ges­tions com­pa­nies can fol­low to help bridge the tal­ent gap. Here are a few:

1)      Invest in the edu­ca­tion path for dig­i­tal tal­ent. This can be done by work­ing togeth­er with uni­ver­si­ties to pro­mote dig­i­tal cours­es, intern­ships and help pop­u­larise the trade. Think of ways of mak­ing it ‘cool’ to young grad­u­ates, show them the poten­tial of hav­ing such an in-demand tal­ent and let them know that the dig­i­tal sec­tor is the place to be at the moment!

2)      Take the time and effort to train and up-skill your cur­rent team. Instead of wait­ing around for new dig­i­tal ana­lysts, invest in your cur­rent employ­ees. Get your tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing experts trained so they embrace the dig­i­tal world.

3)      Giv­en the lack of tal­ent at the moment, ensure that you offer the right work envi­ron­ment and cul­ture to make your com­pa­ny a high­ly desir­able work­place. This means invest­ing in the most sophis­ti­cat­ed tech­nol­o­gy and tools, and devel­op­ing a cul­ture where dig­i­tal analy­sis is cen­tral and high­ly val­ued to mar­ket­ing and the busi­ness.

4)      Hire and train spe­cial­ists. Being an expert in every ele­ment of dig­i­tal analy­sis is almost impos­si­ble. The role requires con­stant train­ing and updat­ing on all the lat­est tech­nolo­gies and meth­ods. Com­pa­nies can avoid over­whelm­ing their dig­i­tal ana­lyt­ics team and opti­mize their efforts by invest­ing in spe­cial­ized ana­lysts – such an imple­men­ta­tion specialist/engineer who sole­ly man­ages the imple­men­ta­tion of web ana­lyt­ics tools and main­tains ongo­ing imple­men­ta­tion changes to cap­ture data. For more infor­ma­tion on the sort of spe­cial­ized roles ana­lysts per­form, click here.

As com­pa­nies are start­ing to embrace dig­i­tal media and mar­ket­ing more and more, the demand for dig­i­tal ana­lysts sky­rock­ets. What else can we do to bridge the gap? What oth­er sug­ges­tions do you have that com­pa­nies can do to increase the tal­ent pool for dig­i­tal ana­lysts?

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