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October 30, 2017 / Digital Education /

Swinburne sets course for a digital future

As a workforce, we face unprecedented change. The combined forces of technology and capitalism have arguably led to the most rapid improvements in quality of life, prosperity and education for more people than at any other period in history.

October 5, 2017 / Digital Education /

Helping India’s education system to digitise

The ubiquity of mobile devices, in conjunction with the fact that two-third of India’s population is under 35, is providing the impetus for businesses and institutions all over the country to digitise.

Adobe and Yonsei University Leading Digital Innovation

Innovation and education go hand-in-hand in the age of digital disruption. As businesses in Korea embark on digital transformation, it is apparent new skills and capabilities are needed more than ever across a range of professions and industries.

Adobe and Swinburne: Partners in Digital Transformation

As a leader in delivering exceptional digital experiences, Adobe is always on the lookout for opportunities to forge our own path of innovation, while supporting and encouraging others to do the same.