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Digital Education

The ubiquity of mobile devices, in conjunction with the fact that two-third of India’s population is under 35, is providing the impetus for businesses and institutions all over the country to digitise.

As a result, institutional pillars such as India’s education system, are being forced to adapt their processes to overcome the digital divide. With the many hundreds of small and mid-market businesses that already cater for mobile-only Gen Zs and Millenials, educational institutions are under even more pressure to adopt digital platforms and services.

Digital doesn’t discriminate

As digital transformation progresses, it is important that nobody is left behind, which is why I passionately believe that the education system must be alert to the necessity of adopting digital technology now, for the sake of the future.

India’s education system is currently a microcosm of the ‘digital divide’, and students that are conversant with mobile technology outside the classroom must surely find the school experience alien, if not altogether irrelevant.

The moment students step into that classroom they enter a different, much older world: from Snapchat and Instagram to blackboards and exercise books. In other words, the ‘paperless generation’ is being confronted with a classroom that has not changed for over a century.

Driving change

As a matter of social responsibility, Adobe wants to be a partner in ensuring that schools become active participants in the digital journey.

The importance of creativity in the school system is well understood, and creativity is a space that Adobe has owned for the past three decades. Add to this Adobe’s leadership in digital technology and our value proposition for the education system is compelling.

As with Gen Z, however, the education system is more than a market segment. Its modernisation is a challenge that all responsible stakeholders need to confront if India is to realise its potential as a leading digital economy. The seeds we plant today will be fully harvested by our citizens, community and business leaders, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

At Adobe, we understand that mobile devices are a critical driver of India’s digital transformation. We view the mobile-only market as a distinct segment and are investing in developing localized solutions accordingly.

As an organization, we remain the epitome of creativity. Having reimagined the entire Creative process a few years ago, we are now on a mission to unlock vast amounts of creativity in India’s education system.

Digital Education

Posted on 10-05-2017


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