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June 22, 2015 /Digital Government /

Digital Government: The Art of Possible

Dig­i­tal Gov­ern­ment has the pow­er to trans­form deliv­ery of pub­lic ser­vices to make it eas­i­er and bet­ter for cit­i­zens to trans­act with gov­ern­ment. It is one the most impor­tant top­ics cur­rent­ly under dis­cus­sion in the Asia Pacif­ic region. From coun­tries as diverse as India and Malaysia to Sin­ga­pore and New Zealand, gov­ern­ments across the region are look­ing for ways to use tech­nol­o­gy and inno­vate in dig­i­tal gov­ern­ment ser­vices.

Digital Government Programs

For exam­ple, the Dig­i­tal India Pro­gram is one of the government’s top pri­or­i­ties and it seeks to increase dig­i­tal infra­struc­ture, deliv­er ser­vices dig­i­tal­ly and improve dig­i­tal lit­er­a­cy. In Aus­tralia the new­ly cre­at­ed Dig­i­tal Trans­for­ma­tion Office aims to trans­form the way pub­lic ser­vices are designed and deliv­ered across all lev­els of gov­ern­ment. In Sin­ga­pore, the Smart Nation Pro­gram seeks to har­ness ICT, net­works and data to increase cit­i­zen engage­ment.

And this is just the begin­ning. Coun­tries through­out Asia Pacif­ic are look­ing for ways to stream­line gov­ern­ment ser­vices, boost trans­paren­cy, and improve cit­i­zen engage­ment. This groundswell of inter­est through­out the region is good news, because although many of these pro­grams are in the pilot phase, they are sup­port­ed by approach­es and strate­gies based on well-test­ed tech­nolo­gies. This means there’s no need for dig­i­tal gov­ern­ment strate­gies to start from scratch – there’s no need for new process­es, because cit­i­zens in most cas­es are already well ahead.

In many coun­tries such as Aus­tralia and Japan, every­thing from bank­ing ser­vices, to edu­ca­tion is already avail­able online and usu­al­ly also through mobile ser­vices. Not only are the cit­i­zens of these coun­tries ready for dig­i­tal gov­ern­ment, in most cas­es they are expect­ing it. In areas where dig­i­tal infra­struc­ture is still devel­op­ing, gov­ern­ments have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to leapfrog ser­vice deliv­ery tech­nol­o­gy by enabling mobile-first approach­es to dig­i­tal gov­ern­ment ser­vices.

Inno­v­a­tive gov­ern­ments are mak­ing the most of exist­ing tech­nolo­gies and strate­gies drawn from the pri­vate sec­tor, and cus­tomer-focused expe­ri­en­tial design tech­niques are com­ing to the fore when it comes to pub­lic ser­vice design.

Although each dif­fer­ent nation­al pro­gram has a par­tic­u­lar empha­sis, whether it be on engage­ment, effi­cien­cy or ser­vice deliv­ery, all gov­ern­ment pro­grams nec­es­sar­i­ly have a strong focus on account­abil­i­ty. The good news is that dig­i­tal plat­forms are able to deliv­er a lev­el of trans­paren­cy and report­ing which sig­nif­i­cant­ly exceeds pre­vi­ous deliv­ery mech­a­nisms, mak­ing it an ide­al match for gov­ern­ment ser­vices. It’s also impor­tant for gov­ern­ment staff to real­ize they don’t have to make this jour­ney alone. There are ample oppor­tu­ni­ties for gov­ern­ment rep­re­sen­ta­tives around the region to take every oppor­tu­ni­ty to share ideas and build on the suc­cess of oth­ers pro­grams.

Whether it’s forms, rebates or bus timeta­bles, cit­i­zens are look­ing for their inter­ac­tions to become per­son­al­ized, con­tex­tu­al and secure – they expect what they’ve always expect­ed from gov­ern­ment, only now they want it to come to them through their smart phones.

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Find out what’s been done, what is being done, and what will be done – dig­i­tal gov­ern­ment is all about dis­cov­er­ing the art of the pos­si­ble.

Adobe is work­ing with gov­ern­ments across Asia Pacif­ic and bring­ing togeth­er thought lead­ers in dig­i­tal gov­ern­ment ser­vice deliv­ery to share their expe­ri­ences in trans­for­ma­tion. Join us at the Dig­i­tal Gov­ern­ment ses­sion at the Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Sym­po­sium in Syd­ney and Sin­ga­pore to hear from gov­ern­ment and tech­nol­o­gy lead­ers on what’s next for enabling inno­va­tion for cit­i­zens.

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