CRM 마케팅을 넘어 당신이 꼭 알아야 할 2020년 CX 예측

2020년 마케터가 주목해야 할 소셜미디어 마케팅 트렌드 5

#AdobeLNYRituals: 어도비 리더들이 성공적인 한 해를 계획하는 방법

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2018 Digital Trends Report: Why APAC Retailers Are Evolving Their Technology Approach

Leveraging Adobe’s 2018 Digital Retail Trends Report, Scott Rigby explains why a best-of-suite approach to technology delivers the most effective CX.

A look into the future with Adobe Experience Cloud

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Adobe Symposium India: Experiences Are The Competitive Differentiator

What makes an amazing customer experience? Adobe Symposium India brought thousands of brands together to talk data, technology, talent and what makes them an experience business.

Retailing 2018: the mobile customer is king

Rapid change in the digital marketplace may give some retailers anxiety, but a closer inspection reveals how close retailing remains to its roots.

From digital silos to personalised audiences: How to achieve digital maturity

Accordant and nabtrade, NAB’s online investing platform, discuss how they streamlined nabtrade’s business to achieve digital maturity by implementing Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the global marketing sector

Emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are already changing the way most industries operate. For marketers, the technology’s potential to predict what customers want in a way that has never existed before is already having a profound effect on the way they do business.

Best ways to measure content marketing? Qantas CMO Stephanie Tully explains her approach

When virtually anything and everything can be measured, the concern arises that measurement has become an end in itself. The question now emerging is whether companies are analysing the most appropriate data, or have the right platforms in place for a ‘full view’.

Focus on what matters when tracking your content marketing

Measuring return on investment (ROI) is a sensible thing to do when you have to allocate scarce resources with constantly tight budgets.

Meet the Wipro Experience Maker: Naveen Rajdev

The rise of e-commerce. Y2K. The personal computer. The smartphone revolution. Social media. How could a single consultancy shepherd its clients through the constantly changing tech landscape of the last 20 years?

Meet the UberEATS Experience Maker: Simon Rossi

When it comes to food, Asia has a wider (and tastier) offering than anywhere else in the world, but it’s the secret corner stalls and hidden alleyways where you’ll find the longest lines.

Meet the Electrolux Experience Maker: Vinay Dixit

From the rooftop barbeque of Hong Kong to Australia’s iconic backyard sizzler, you can tell a lot about a culture from its cuisine. Across India, Kalmi kebabs roast for 12 or more hours in the tandoor, while many Chinese dishes are defined by a single flash in the pan.

Meet the iflix Experience Maker: Azran Osman-Rani

iflix is earning what many global brands have tried unsuccessfully to achieve; a local foothold across Asia’s vibrant mix of people and culture.

Meet the Adobe Experience Makers

Adobe Experience Makers is a four-part podcast series about those working behind the scenes to craft smarter, more meaningful interactions that tap into the specific needs of customers in a region of staggering diversity, where no two markets are the same.

Malaysia’s Digital Overhaul – Adobe Experience Forum

There are few markets more fiercely-competitive than Southeast Asia – and for brands looking to pull away from the competition, becoming an experience business is no longer an advantage, but an imperative.