Adobe Symposium India: Experiences Are The Competitive Differentiator

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In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, it’s no longer enough for brands to simply meet customer expectations, they must exceed them. How to become an Experience Business was a key theme at this years’ Adobe Symposium India in Mumbai, with a strong focus on the importance, and challenge, of delivering personalised experiences for consumers across a landscape that is constantly transforming.

For the more than 1400 marketing professionals and experts who attended the annual event, Adobe Symposium was an acknowledgement that all industries – eCommerce to Retail, BFSI to start-ups – are embracing the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

Adobe’s EVP and General Manager of Adobe Experience Cloud, Brad Rencher, spoke about brands cultivating the delivery of experience as their business. The ‘delight’ factor, he said, has to come from an ‘empathetic’ workforce, using all possible resources and leveraging technology with the ultimate goal of adding value to everyday lives. Propelled by Data, Technology, and Talent – brands should aspire to become ‘experience makers’.

Industry veteran D Shivakumar stressed on the significance of deciphering and understanding a customers’ digital footprint in order to effectively communicate with them. Data and analytics are being used to shape and customize end-to-end digital experiences for customers, and it is this convergence of online and offline that will help develop comprehensive and frictionless experience. Further, he added that the future of consumer experience lies in the 4Vs – Voice, Vernaculars, Video and Value.

We know this is the era of amazing experiences driven by the digital transformation wave and that we’re truly are on the cusp of something big. So why is it that this wave is so distinctly strong in India? Indian companies have shown the maturity to embrace – and in fact, race ahead – in providing their customers with world class experiences. They are starting to believe that ubiquitous, personalized and relevant experiences are the only differentiators which can help create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Take HDFC Bank, for example, Ravi Santhanam, CMO, HDFC Bank talked to Paul Robson, President, APAC, Adobe about how HDFC is building experiences and experience makers in the banking industry. HDFC’s vision is clear- Frictionless experience, by listening to their customers’ digital footprints carefully. Gunjan Soni, Head-Jabong and Chief Marketing Officer, Myntra, said, “The future of ecommerce is about the content and the context i.e. shoppable content. AR and VR are helping immensely when it comes to shopping.” Similarly, Ravinder Pal Singh, Chief Information & Innovation officer, Tata Singapore Airlines (Air Vistara) mentioned that machines are going to become commoditized and how they will touch marketing and the customer experience industry very soon.

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Adobe Symposium concluded with the much-awaited lock note by noted Indian film actor, Farhan Akhtar, who shared anecdotes with the audience about storytelling and how important it is to reinvent at every step. He added how the best advancement of the human race is technology, which is redefining the world in its own sense.

We are living in the most incredible time in history – it is the dawn of the 21st century renaissance, where art and science are fueling explosive growth and creativity, and India is at the focal point of this revolution.

Clearly, digital experiences have the power to transform every aspect of the lives of Indians, and Adobe is the only company that can help with every stage of delivering a great experience to them.

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Posted on 05-03-2018

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