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Will Guy Sebastian be the first ever Australian to win Eurovision?

The always-excit­ing, end­less­ly-enter­tain­ing Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test 2015 is just around the cor­ner and if the win­ner was decid­ed based on social media, then Australia’s Guy Sebas­t­ian is in for the gold.

The singer, whose song is called Tonight Again, is top of the Euro­vi­sion social buzz charts going into the con­test accord­ing to Adobe Dig­i­tal Index (ADI) analy­sis. The ADI team used Adobe Social to look at more than two mil­lion social men­tions in mul­ti­ple lan­guages across var­i­ous social net­works to deter­mine the Top 10 picks for Euro­vi­sion:

  1. Guy Sebas­t­ian (Aus­tralia)
  2. Elnur Huseynov (Azer­bai­jan)
  3. Elhai­da Dani (Alba­nia)
  4. Mans Zelmer­low (Swe­den)
  5. Elec­tro Vel­vet (UK)
  6. Edurne (Spain)
  7. Uzari & Maimu­na (Belarus)
  8. Daniel Kaj­makos­ki (FYR Mace­do­nia)
  9. Il Volo (Italy)
  10. Poli­na Gaga­ri­na (Rus­sia)

Aus­tralia was invit­ed to take part in the con­test as part of the event’s 60th anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tion, which may part­ly explain the fact that 55 per­cent of the social buzz around Sebas­t­ian is com­ing from out­side Aus­tralia. Although social pop­u­lar­i­ty doesn’t guar­an­tee a win, it sure­ly fore­shad­ows how view­ers are react­ing behind their TV screens. Aus­tralians cer­tain­ly seem to be show­ing them­selves as loud and proud sup­port­ers of their local singer-song­writer entry. He has even out­per­formed the trend on sen­ti­ment, with 60% of the social buzz around him relat­ing to joy, admi­ra­tion, or antic­i­pa­tion. With Guy Sebas­t­ian lead­ing the pop­u­lar vote on social media, Euro­vi­sion may well be renamed ‘Wold­vi­sion’ next year after this Aussie inva­sion!

Guy Sebastian Eurovision Social buzz

Guy Sebastian Eurovision Social buzz 2

Social media men­tions of Euro­vi­sion are cur­rent­ly run­ning at around 10,000 a day, with UK being the most engaged coun­try, account­ing for a quar­ter of all men­tions. To date, the event is gen­er­at­ing about 30% more social buzz than Amer­i­can Idol.

Eurovision vs Amerian Idol social buzz

The much antic­i­pat­ed semi-finals take place on 19 and 21 May, with the finals to be held in Vien­na, Aus­tria, on 23 May. It’s promised to be anoth­er grand event, full of stel­lar per­for­mances and Aus­tralians will be glued to their screens as Sebas­t­ian takes to the stage to sing his heart out and make his coun­try proud.


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