Will Guy Sebastian be the first ever Australian to win Eurovision?

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The always-exciting, endlessly-entertaining Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is just around the corner and if the winner was decided based on social media, then Australia’s Guy Sebastian is in for the gold.

The singer, whose song is called Tonight Again, is top of the Eurovision social buzz charts going into the contest according to Adobe Digital Index (ADI) analysis. The ADI team used Adobe Social to look at more than two million social mentions in multiple languages across various social networks to determine the Top 10 picks for Eurovision:

  1. Guy Sebastian (Australia)
  2. Elnur Huseynov (Azerbaijan)
  3. Elhaida Dani (Albania)
  4. Mans Zelmerlow (Sweden)
  5. Electro Velvet (UK)
  6. Edurne (Spain)
  7. Uzari & Maimuna (Belarus)
  8. Daniel Kajmakoski (FYR Macedonia)
  9. Il Volo (Italy)
  10. Polina Gagarina (Russia)

Australia was invited to take part in the contest as part of the event’s 60th anniversary celebration, which may partly explain the fact that 55 percent of the social buzz around Sebastian is coming from outside Australia. Although social popularity doesn’t guarantee a win, it surely foreshadows how viewers are reacting behind their TV screens. Australians certainly seem to be showing themselves as loud and proud supporters of their local singer-songwriter entry. He has even outperformed the trend on sentiment, with 60% of the social buzz around him relating to joy, admiration, or anticipation. With Guy Sebastian leading the popular vote on social media, Eurovision may well be renamed ‘Woldvision’ next year after this Aussie invasion!

Guy Sebastian Eurovision Social buzz

Guy Sebastian Eurovision Social buzz 2

Social media mentions of Eurovision are currently running at around 10,000 a day, with UK being the most engaged country, accounting for a quarter of all mentions. To date, the event is generating about 30% more social buzz than American Idol.

Eurovision vs Amerian Idol social buzz

The much anticipated semi-finals take place on 19 and 21 May, with the finals to be held in Vienna, Austria, on 23 May. It’s promised to be another grand event, full of stellar performances and Australians will be glued to their screens as Sebastian takes to the stage to sing his heart out and make his country proud.


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Posted on 05-18-2015

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