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It’s All About Online Shopping This Holiday Season

The hol­i­day sea­son is a time for reunions with fam­i­ly and friends, home-cooked food — and who can for­get presents to cel­e­brate the sea­son? And when there are presents to be bought that means there is lots of shop­ping to be done! What’s inter­est­ing here, is how much online shop­ping has grown in pop­u­lar­i­ty over the past few years. Con­sumers are beat­ing the crowds at the stores, reduc­ing stress and order­ing from the com­forts of their homes and ecom­merce is boom­ing as online retail­ers offer seam­less web­sites and apps, mak­ing buy­ing online so easy and enjoy­able.

New research from Adobe Dig­i­tal Index shows the hol­i­day sea­son this year rep­re­sents 20% of world­wide online spend­ing – with Aus­tria and the US at the top of the list. Adobe’s glob­al Online Shop­ping Pre­dic­tion is based on an analy­sis of 55 mil­lion prod­uct SKUs and aggre­gat­ed and anony­mous data of more than one tril­lion retail web­sites over the last sev­en years.

China to Lead Online Shopping Craze

Online Shopping

The Online Shop­ping Pre­dic­tion report pre­dicts Chi­na will lead not just the Asia Pacif­ic region in online spend­ing this hol­i­day sea­son but around the globe with US$150 bil­lion in sales fore­cast. China’s boom­ing econ­o­my has led to the high­est antic­i­pat­ed online spend in the region (55%) with near­ly half of the country’s con­sumers sur­veyed (49%) pre­dict­ing an increase in their online spend for the peri­od. In fact, the aver­age Chi­nese inter­net user is pre­dict­ed to spend a total of US$210 online dur­ing Novem­ber and Decem­ber, dri­ving one-fifth of total online sales for the year.

For the rest of Asia, Japan is expect­ed to see the sec­ond high­est online spend in the region with US$37 bil­lion in online sales (a 5% year-on-year growth) pre­dict­ed, fol­lowed by Aus­tralia at US$7 bil­lion.

Mobile Usage During The Holidays

Over the next two months we expect South­east Asia to lead the charge in mobile shop­ping with 21% of ecom­merce pur­chas­es to be trans­act­ed via smart­phones and around 10% via tablets. Japan­ese shop­pers won’t be too far behind, with 24% of ecom­merce pur­chas­es pre­dict­ed to be made via smart­phones and 6% via tablets.

Online Sales Revenue

What Drives Online Purchases in APAC?

The research also found that across APAC, low­er prices and good deals are impor­tant moti­va­tors for con­sumers to shop online, with free ship­ping a par­tic­u­lar­ly strong dri­ver for shop­pers in Aus­tralia and Sin­ga­pore.

In addi­tion, while online shop­ping dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son is increas­ing­ly attrac­tive, when it comes to log­ging on, most APAC con­sumers find shop­ping via mobile phone more stress­ful than shop­ping on their desk­top, lap­top or tablet device. This might serve as a sea­son­al reminder to mar­keters and busi­ness­es to review their mobile com­merce expe­ri­ence to stream­line and opti­mise it. Con­sumers want it, but the expe­ri­ence is not yet match­ing expec­ta­tions and the stress is show­ing.

Mar­keters have known for some time how crit­i­cal­ly impor­tant pro­duce reviews are. Out research shows that rec­om­men­da­tions and reviews are among the top two influ­encers for shop­pers when con­sid­er­ing a major pur­chase accord­ing to 36% of con­sumers in Aus­tralia, 43% in Chi­na and 44% in Sin­ga­pore. Fur­ther­more, con­sumers in Sin­ga­pore and Chi­na are more like­ly to lever­age social media when they shop, with 41% of Sin­ga­pore­an and 49% of Chi­nese shop­pers say­ing they con­sult social media to help make hol­i­day shop­ping deci­sions.

So enjoy this spe­cial time of year, min­imise your shop­ping stress and max­imise your time with friends and fam­i­ly — at Adobe, we cer­tain­ly intend to!

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