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In case you missed it, here is a peek into the breakthrough experiences exhibited by the Adobe Global Delivery Center, at the Adobe India Symposium, 2017.

The buying behavior of an Indian consumer has transformed at a tremendous rate.  Rapid broadband/mobile penetration has continually changed customer behavior and needs. Within a span on 20 years, India’s economy has evolved from being a ‘sellers’ market’ to a ‘buyers’ market.’  This trend is making companies transform with a new agenda — Customer Experience. The ones who get it right will stand out in the crowd. Hence, there is an increased investment in technologies that create experiences that matter.

Immersive experiences are riding on top of the experience wave. They fulfill one of the biggest customer needs —  empathy. Brands demonstrating empathy in their experiences get an edge of superior brand affinity.

At the Adobe Symposium 2017, our consultants created immersive experiences for Tarah* who was a regular visitor to a retail client*. A hyper-connected individual, Tarah spent a lot of time at the retailers online and offline channels. Benefiting from their investments in Adobe solutions, the retailer wanted to create immersive experiences for customers like her.

The teams exhibited potential immersive experiences by combining the capabilities of Adobe Experience Cloud with cutting-edge technologies.

Adobe Enriches In-Store Experiences with Augmented Reality

On May 3rd, Tarah entered the retailer’s store to buy a fitness tracker. She chose a tracker but wanted to make sure she gets the best brand available. Limited in-store information made her second-guess her choice. She considered going back home to do some research and zero in on the right tracker. It was the moment of truth for the client as they were at the risk of losing a sale.

Enter: Adobe Experience Manager and Augmented Reality. The two technologies enabled Tarah to do her research in-store. To get more details, all Tarah had to do was to point her mobile camera at the fitness tracker’s marker. Detailed information from the retailer’s website — hosted on Adobe Experience Manager — appeared on her mobile app. It included information on features, color combinations & also gave similar product recommendations. This experience helped Tarah find the perfect tracker for herself. When the color she wanted wasn’t available in-store, the retailer gave her an option to buy the tracker directly from the mobile app.

Tarah who entered the store with a high purchase intent went through moments of ambiguity. But, an immersive in-store experience helped her seamlessly navigate through the buying journey — across channels — to make a purchase decision.

Adobe Activates Hyper-Personalization with Internet of Things (IoT)

With time, Tarah’s fitness tracker was capturing information on her fitness activities. The retailer provided Tarah with an option to upload her fitness data from the tracker onto the website. On authentication, Adobe Experience Manager, used the data to identify her interests and enrich her digital profile.

Enter: Adobe Target & Adobe Campaign. The retailer shared hyper-personalized recommendations and offers to her through the website, email, and push notifications.

Interest-based personalization creates differentiating experiences as they display a high level of empathy — driving conversions and brand stickiness.

Adobe Drives Conversions Using Offline Behavior

A few weeks later, Tarah re-visited the store looking for a present for her kid’s birthday. She visited the kid’s apparel section but did not make any purchase. But, a beacon placed on that section captured her visit.

Enter: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, and Mobile Core Services. Her offline behavior, captured through the beacon, updated her profile across channels. The retailer’s online channels displayed relevant offers to her to drive conversion.

Customer profiling based on online behavior is no longer a differentiator. Connected experiences create moments of delight by blurring the lines between online and offline channels.

Adobe Expedites Purchase Using Artificial Intelligence

When Tarah visited the website to buy a shirt for himself, she got overwhelmed by the choices available. She activated a chat interface with a simple message: “Show me some blue shirts from XYZ brand.”

Enter: Adobe Target and Adobe Sensei. Using Tarah’s purchase & browsing history, Adobe Sensei provided results that matched her preferences & kept optimizing results till final purchase was made.

Artificial Intelligence has great potential in creating compelling experiences as they strongly align with customer needs/preferences.

Adobe Pushes Location-Based Offers with MAPNEXT

Tarah, a frequent traveler, was at the airport 3 hours before her flight. Post check-in, she downloaded the airport app and browsed through the shopping section.

Enter: MAPNEXT – a mobile solution powered by Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Sensei, and Mobile Core Services. Based on Tarah’s in-app behavior, the retailer could identify her shopping intent & pushed location-specific offers to her through the airport app.

As location-based experiences are highly contextual, they enable brands to engage with users at the right place and at the right time.

Adobe Enables Marketers Get Real-Time Information, On-The-Go

To provide differentiating experiences, marketers, need to get real-time insights and alerts about business KPIs so they could take actions on-the-go.

Enter: The Adobe Experience Cloud App (code-named AdobeNOW). Through this app, stakeholders get access to personalized metrics that are important to them. It brings in data from Adobe solutions and other online/offline sources to provide a holistic view on a single screen. Instant insights help marketers launch, optimize, and shut down activities – right from the app! Whether it’s a digital head or a category manager, AdobeNOW empowers all marketers to generate value from their fingertips.

Adobe’s commitment to change the world through digital experiences gets reinforced as our teams continue to innovate. Replicable across industries, I hope these experiences inspire you as much as they inspired our customers to make experience their business.

*Disclaimer: The retail client & Tarah were created for demo purposes. They do not represent any existing Adobe client.

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Posted on 05-31-2017


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    This is incredibly forward thinking. This level of personalization is just beautiful. Let’s hope it’s used mostly for good, lol.

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