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July 10, 2013 /Digital Marketing /

Driving profitable social relationships with Adobe Social 3.0

Amy Robson, Social & Media Optimizer Specialist, Adobe Marketing CloudLinkedIn

NAmy Robsonext week is the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium, where the widely anticipated  launch of our all new Adobe Social will occur.

Packed with an array of new features and further integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we’ve focused on improving the way marketing teams collaborate, utilize social data, and build personal relationships with customers at scale, all on our new tablet first UI.

Big data is a hot topic for digital marketers and social marketing is not exempt. I think Nate Elliot from Forrester put it nicely when he said, “Every day, huge numbers of people tell us what they like by voting for things, reviewing things, and engaging in other online social interactions. All of these behaviours add up to what we call a “database of affinity”: a catalog of people’s tastes and preferences, collected by observing their social behaviours.” But how do we utilize all of this social content to build brand affinity?

Building brand affinity is becoming increasingly difficult with the proliferation of social networks and the amount of content needed to engage with fans.This highlights the need for a solution to collect and aggregate all aspects of social data such as conversations to understand how people are talking about your brand, engagement metrics to understand how customers are reacting to your content and conversion metrics to understand the business impact. This is where Adobe Social really stands out, enabling social marketers to understand what their customers want and how to engage with them to drive profitable social relationships.

I’m personally very excited about Adobe Social 3.0 with its integration into the Adobe Marketing Cloud improving collaboration and workflows so digital marketers can get from data to insights to action, faster and smarter than ever before!

At Symposium we’ll have a sneak peak at Adobe Social 3.0 as well as some great tracks around driving business impact from social marketing and best practices for owned and earned social media.

So don’t forget to register if you haven’t already, as we are close to reaching capacity!

To register for the Sydney Symposium on July 16th click here.

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