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December 2, 2015 /Digital Marketing /

Japanese Open Data and Government Policies are now enabled by Adobe Technology

In a recent effort by Japanese government to evolve Japan’s overall social and economic progress, officials have agreed to a new Open Data and Government initiative. The initiative allows government officials to communicate public data broadly for all citizens in machine-readable formats, such as the structured PDF format. This public data can then be used in secondary purposes by the citizens, be it profit-making, or other grounds. By releasing this data to the public, the initiative hopes to improve lives of the citizens, stimulate corporate activity, and in response, contribute to the ongoing development of Japan’s social and economic affairs.

It was decided in August by the E-Government Open Data Conference of working-level personnel-established under the Cabinet’s IT Strategic Headquarters, that the structured PDF format would be added to the government’s list of Recommended Open Data File Formats for the initiative. Because of Adobe Acrobat DC’s ability to create structured PDF documents that conform to ISO-32000-1, an international standard for electronic documents, it is the optimal software for open data compliance.

The content is easily searchable and reusable by in the PDF format, enabling more accessibility and usability for citizens wishing to make secondary use of this data. In addition, by utilizing Adobe Acrobat, users can build upon the original structured PDF to add files from other applications, adding layers of image and text for a more collaborative and interactive user experience.

Adobe is proud to support the promotion of open data by the Japanese government and local governments. By giving citizens the opportunity to access and easily make use of public data through Structured PDF, the Japanese can become better informed, active members of the growing Japanese economy.

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