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September 25, 2012 /Digital Marketing /

LinkedIn CMO Series in Bangalore – Social Media & Digital Marketing

Srihari Palangala, Country Marketing Manager, Adobe IndiaLinkedIn

I was invited to attend a CMO roundtable hosted by LinkedIn and IAMAI in Bangalore. The discussion table had a great mix of senior marketing leaders from the B2B as well as B2C space, from a varied set of industries. My thanks to the hosts (Jaggi andDhiman) for an evening of interesting discussions and learning.

The event was lively and everyone was keenly talking about and sharing their experiences in digital and social media marketing. I synthesized three key points, and think these will only continue to grow in importance in the future:

1. Linking digital marketing to the sales cycle: The strength of digital is in analytics , with the opportunity to optimize an engagement through real-time positioning of products/services/bundles to the prospect based on context/relevance. The challenges in the digital marketing era are to stay connected with the prospect (multichannel touch points) with personalized and relevant targeting during the consideration/purchase cycle progression. Remember those internal ROI conversations? They just got a lot more interesting!

2. Content & Engagement Strategy: The strength of digital is how it facilitates open and multiple-way engagement with communities. In this context, the opportunity with digital is the option for brands to be part of the right conversations; and the challenge is to monetize the engagements.

3. Digital is increasingly the Central Pillar in the Marketing Mix: Marketing budgets are under strain across the board; all spend is expected to work harder and produce better results.  As marketers we need to be ready to launch and sustain brands online.

Let’s get geared up and ready for the exciting times ahead!


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